January 2016 Newsletter The Next Meeting will be January 11 at the South Montgomery Regional Library, 2101 LAKE ROBBINS DRIVE, THE WOODLANDS. This


January 2016 Newsletter

The Next Meeting will be January 11 at the South Montgomery Regional Library, 2101 LAKE ROBBINS DRIVE, THE WOODLANDS.

This meeting will be a planning meeting for the year 2016. Please bring your ideas to help plan the fieldtrips, workshops and mini-contests for our members. Your input matters and your ideas are needed. Let's make 2016 the year we improved our photography!

January, is the start to a new year. Let us gather as friends with our love for photography and plan together the upcoming events of the club for 2016. Speakers, presenters, fieldtrips, workshops, mini-contests, and the annual photo contest are all topics needing your help. Please come to the meeting with your ideas.

Time and Location

Our monthly meeting for the month of JAnuary will be held at the South Montgomery Regional Library 2101 Lake Robbins Drive,

6:45 - 7:00pm - Social time, grab a snack, vote for Mini Contest,

7:00 - 8:15pm - Brainstorming and planning.

TWPC 2016 Board Members

President – Ellen Taylor
Vice President – Vacant
Treasurer – Amy Butler
Field Trips – Vacant
Workshops – David Meine
Newsletter – Vacant
Slide Show Organizer Vacant
Webmaster - Vacant
Historian – Vacant
Guest Speaker Coordinator - Vacant

2016 Board Member Positions

The majority of the 2015 Advisory Board Positions are vacant

At this time, there is a vacancy for the Vice President, Newsletter Coordinator, Field Trip Coordinator, Webmaster, Historian and Workshop Coordinator.

The club cannot continue to exist in 2016 without those key roles being filled.

A list of all board positions can be seen at (http://woodlandsphoto.org/board-member)
If you are interested in these positions, please talk to a board member or email Ellen Taylor,Ellen Taylor or Amy Butler

Thank You,
2016 WPC Board

Work Shop

No workshops are planned at this time

Field Trip

Homestead Heritage Day, Jesse H. Jones Park and Nature Center, 20634 Kenswick Drive, Humble, TX 77338. 281-446-8588
[email protected]

Homestead Heritage Day is held the second Saturday of each February, and the next event is scheduled for Saturday, February 13, 2016.

Many of the different eras of Texas’ fascinating history are showcased at this festival. The Redbud Hill Homestead comes alive with old-fashioned, hands-on activities for kids, period re-enactments, and a bustling, filled-to-the-brim day complete with re-enactors, historians, and volunteers.


The Montgomery County Animal Shelter is in need of photographers to volunteer their time on Sundays to photograph rescue dogs. Volunteers at the shelter try to take better pictures of the animals than their original intake picture so it can be posted on the shelters Facebook page to hopefully to help get them adopted. The shelter has over 64k followers who see these pictures and have come to love seeing the animals dressed up.
If there are any photographers in the club who are interested in volunteering their time on Sunday’s from 1-4pm (it doesn’t even have to be that long, even an hour would help, and it doesn’t to be every single Sunday) to help take pictures at the shelter.
There are three people who currently take pictures at the shelter and they can’t always be there so they are looking for more volunteers to help out.

Volunteering is a great way to help the animals get adopted while also getting your images out there in the community and gaining experience in animal photography.
Montgomery County Animal Shelter, 8535 TX 242, 77385
(936) 442-7738

Andy's Helpful Hints: By Andy Howard.
The Science of Photography –
Lens Filters – To Use of Not to Use
by Andy Howard --- [email protected]

There are several questions that will divide the opinions of photographers. One I have seen recently is “Should I use a filter on my lens?” The question isn’t about “special effects” filters like star, polarizing, neutral density, etc. Attach them to the lens as you need them. No, the question with diverse opinions is “Should I use a UV filter on my lens?

The quick, “scientific” answer is “no”. That is, in the days of film, photographers used “ultra-violet” blocking filters to protect the film, which was extremely sensitive to UV light. Digital camera sensors are not sensitive to UV light, so you don’t need the filters for that reason. Further discussion involves personal preference, with a few things to be aware of.

Use a filter to protect the lens glass from scratches, smudges, sand, spray, fingerprints, etc. Filters are easier to clean than lens glass. The more glass you put in front of the lens, the more chances for reflections, flare, and reduced sharpness. If you do use a filter, pay the money for a good-quality one. If you have a large size lens mount (e.g., 67 mm), be prepared to pay a “large size” of money.

Use a filter to protect it from hits – a filter is cheaper/easier to replace than lens glass. But remember, a filter is a filter, not a lens protector; it is not designed to be impact resistant or super strong. If a hit is hard enough to damage a filter, most likely the lens will be damaged as well. (Personal story to the contrary: I dropped a camera with the end of the lens hitting first. The lens cap was jammed into the filter, which was dented and the filter glass shattered. A pair of pliers [figuring the lens was toast anyway] extricated the cap and unscrewed the filter frame. The lens itself was fine but I would not recommend routinely making this test!).

The screw mount for filters extends further out than the lens and will help avoid bumps. Sure, there are lenses where the front glass is curved out but filters aren’t made for them anyway. A lens hood can help protect the lens but can also “attract” bumps due to the length of the camera/lens/hood assembly.

In summary, while a digital camera sensor is not sensitive to UV light and a UV lens filter is not needed, it is the photographer’s preference to decide whether to use a filter or not. Have fun shooting in the new year!

Two links for supporting information.

Monthly Mini Contest & Slide Show

Please submit photos taken within the last two years for the slide show and mini - contest photos. There is a $20 cash prize for the mini - contest.

January - Resolutions
You can submit up to two photos. The winner is selected via secret ballot by the majority vote from the members in attendance at the meeting.

Slide Show: (Submission)

You can submit up to five photos. Please place your name at the bottom of your photo so that other members will know took the photo..

How to submit:

Please send Mini- Contest photos/Slide Photos to [email protected],

Size/Type of file: 1024 long side, 72dpi, jpeg format at 8 bit

How to name your file: Your name (first or last), whether it’s for the mini or slide show, and then number.

Example for mini - contest: Ellen Taylor mini 1, Ellen Taylor mini 2

Example for slide show: Ellen Taylor Slide show 1, Ellen Slide show 2

Deadline: Midnight Friday, January 8 , 2016

Looking forward to seeing your photos!

Thank you to all members who assist set up before and after meetings and those who bring snacks!.

TWPC Membership

To participate in the club field trips, mini contest, workshops, annual Fall contest and have access to our Facebook page, you must be a member. Join or renew your membership - Individual $25, Family $35, Student $15, see Treasurer Amy Butler, or mail payment to our P.O Box. We are now accepting dues for 2016 to participate...new members please complete 2016 Membership Application Form.

The annual Membership Application Form can be found on our club's website http://www.woodlandsphoto.org/membershipembers

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