July 2015 Newsletter





Richard Houghton will give an informative and in-depth presentation on easy camera techniques to getting sharper photos. Members are requested to bring their cameras to this presentation


Time and Location

Our monthly meeting for the month of July will be held at the Community Center, 2235 Lake Robbins Drive adjacent to the Library.

6:45 - 7:00pm - Social time, grab a snack, vote for Mini Contest, visit the question corner.
7:00 - 8:15pm - Meeting

TWPC 2015 Board Members

President – Allison Pitre
Vice President – Valerie Holstead
Treasurer – Amy Butler
Field Trips – Jerry Hunter/ James Fallon
Workshops – James Fallon/Jerry Hunter
Newsletter – Jerry Hunter /Ellen Taylor
Slide Show Organizer Ellen Taylor
Webmaster - Christine Martin
Historian – Judy Volper
Guest Speaker Coordinator - Ellen Taylor

Field Trip

Forever Faithful Ministry Horse Ranch

Date: July 25, 2015
Time: 7:00am
Address: 13955 Lake Pleasant Rd, Montgomery 77356

No fee

Forever Faithful is a working ranch and we have been given free rein to walk about freely and photograph the daily activities that are involved in living on a ranch. There are even a few old tractors and a tack barn and stables to photograph. There is a 15 person limit so sign up early.

Point of contact is [email protected]


Introduction to Photoshop for Photographers

This course is an introduction to Photoshop. We will go over the interface, the different tools and how to use them. The focus will be on correcting you photos. Since most of the edits done in Photoshop require making changes to specific parts of the images, we will spend a lot of time on Layers, Layer Masks and Selections.

Please bring a computer with Photoshop installed, an extension cord, and a mouse. JT Thomas will provide the photos we use for the class, but if you have one or two photos you would like to get specific help with, bring them on a flash drive and JT will get to as many as time allows.

Lunch will not be provided but participants are encourage to bring a small snack to eat during the class or during one of the two or three breaks. Water will be provided. More of the topic can be covered by the elimination of the lunch.

This workshop is limited to 20 participants.

Where: George & Cynthia Mitchell Woods Library, 8125 Ashlane Way, The Woodlands, Texas 77382.
Tel: (936) 442-7728
Date: August 1, 2015
Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm
Cost: $10.00

Hummingbird Photography Workshop with Carlos Hernandez
Date: September 12, 2015 at 9am

Place: Kleb Wood Headquarters building

20303 Draper Road
Tomball, TX 77377
(281) 357-5324

Time: from 9: a.m. till we get tired

Cost: To be determined

Participants will photograph hummingbirds using remote flashes to freeze them in flight around feeders. At the end you will be able to photograph them in your back yard using these techniques. We will take turns using the equipment and you will have several pictures.


Remote flash trigger, 2.4 Ghz type. If you use a Canon Carlos has the equipment. If not you need to purchase this.

Bring: A medium zoom telephoto(70-200) 70-300, or 300mm f/4, 200mm fixed, Macro lens in case you want to use it while photographing butterflies.

Bring water, and a hat. Although we are going to be in a shaded area, it is September and hot. Bring food if you want to have a picnic there.

Carlos will have: All flashes and wireless triggers, you just bring camera with lens, picnic chair.

NIK Software

We are considering an intermediate level workshop on the Google NIK Software for those members interested in learning more on how to use each of the features. If interested, members should contact James Fallon at [email protected]. Provided there is enough interest, date, time and cost will be forthcoming.


The Montgomery County Animal Shelter is in need of photographers to volunteer their time on Sundays to photograph rescue dogs. Volunteers at the shelter try to take better pictures of the animals than their original intake picture so it can be posted on the shelters Facebook page to hopefully to help get them adopted. The shelter has over 64k followers who see these pictures and have come to love seeing the animals dressed up.
If there are any photographers in the club who are interested in volunteering their time on Sunday’s from 1-4pm (it doesn’t even have to be that long, even an hour would help, and it doesn’t to be every single Sunday) to help take pictures at the shelter.
There are three people who currently take pictures at the shelter and they can’t always be there so they are looking for more volunteers to help out.

Volunteering is a great way to help the animals get adopted while also getting your images out there in the community and gaining experience in animal photography.
Montgomery County Animal Shelter, 8535 TX 242, 77385
(936) 442-7738


Shoot Nature Photographs on a Cloudy Day

When a thick blanket of clouds blocks the sun, this is flattering light for photographing landscapes and wildlife. The light is wonderfully diffuse and there are virtually no shadows. When the clouds start forming, grab your camera gear and use the tips in this section to capture some wonderful photographs.

If the cloud layer is relatively thin, you’ll be able to capture images with a relatively small aperture (large f-stop value). If the clouds are thick, you’ll have to use a larger aperture (smaller f-stop value) or increase the ISO setting. Your other alternative is to place the camera on a tripod.

When photographing landscapes on a cloudy day, you still want to use a fairly small aperture to ensure a large depth of field. If the light is very dim, you can get a decent depth of field with a wide-angle lens if you use an f-stop value of f/8.0. This beats increasing the ISO any day.

You can increase depth of field by focusing on an object that is two-thirds of the way in your scene. When you focus partway into a scene, the background remains sharp because of the wide-angle lens and the relatively small aperture.

If the clouds are in conjunction with an incoming storm, you have all the ingredients for a compelling and powerful photograph. Use the brooding clouds as part of your composition.

When you photograph a scene on a cloudy day with clouds that are drifting in and out of view, your camera may get a bit wonky when calculating the exposure. Look at the histogram to make sure you don’t have any blown-out highlights. If you do, use exposure compensation to lower the exposure, and then take the picture again.

Another tool that’s useful on a cloudy day is a UV or polarizing filter. Either filter can help cut through any haze to make distant objects clearer. Another filter that’s useful is a skylight filter, which also cuts through haze and warms the image slightly.

Cloudy days are great for photographing wildlife. The soft shadowless light captures fine detail like beaks, feathers, and eyes. If you photograph a bird in bright afternoon sunlight, harsh shadows hide some of the details that make your fine-feathered friend photogenic. The same rule holds for any wildlife. When your goal is to get photos of wildlife with good details, cloudy days are better than bright afternoon sun.

Monthly Mini Contest & Slide Show

Please submit photos taken within the last two years for the slide show and mini - contest photos. There is a $20 cash prize for the mini - contest.

July - Reptiles/Amphibians
August - Four
September - Doors/Windows/Arches
October - Annual Photo Contest/ No Mini Contest
November - Harvest
December - Holiday

You can submit up to two photos. The winner is selected via secret ballot by the majority vote from the members in attendance at the meeting.

Slide Show:

You can submit up to five photos. You can share all kinds of images you have in your digital library.

How to submit:

Please send Mini- Contest photos/Slide Photos to [email protected],

Size/Type of file: 1024 long side, 72dpi, jpeg format at 8 bit

How to name your file: Your name (first or last), whether it’s for the mini or slide show, and then number.

Example for mini - contest: Ellen Taylor mini 1, Ellen Taylor mini 2

Example for slide show: Ellen Taylor Slide show 1, Ellen Slide show 2

Deadline: Midnight Friday, July 10, 2015

Looking forward to seeing your photos!


Fall Photo Contest

The categories for the fall photo contest are as follows:
1.Black & White: Geometric Shapes
2.People: Three or More
3.Nature: Animals - Non domestic Animals (no pets, zoo animals)
4.Technique: Macro
5.Wild Card: photos from 2015 Workshops and Field Trips
6.New Members: (joined in 2014 or 2015): Leading Lines
7.Open: (Digital Alterations Permitted)

In order to participate in the contest, dues for 2015 must be paid by June 30, 2015

Thank you from TWPC

Thank you to all members who assist set up before and after meetings and those who bring snacks!.

TWPC Membership

To participate in the club field trips, mini contest, workshops and have access to our Facebook page, you must be a member. Join or renew your membership - Individual $25, Family $35, Student $15, see Treasurer Amy Butler, or mail payment to our P.O Box. New members please complete 2015 Membership Application Form.

Membership dues paid after the Fall Contest includes membership for the following year!

The annual Membership Application Form can be found on our club's website http://www.woodlandsphoto.org/membership

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