January Newsletter 2015 NEW LOCATION!!! South Montgomery Library,


January Newsletter 2015


South Montgomery Library, 2101 Lake Robbins Drive. The Woodlands


Doug Sweet, 7 The Magazine

New Time and Location

Our monthly meetings are held at the South Montgomery County library, 2101 Lake Robbins. This is the permanent location for 2015.

Social Time: 6:45 - 7:00

Meeting Time: 7:00 - 8:15

2015 Monthly Meeting Dates Deadline to Submit Photos for Mini Contest/slide show

January 12, 2015 12 Noon, January 11
February 9, 2015 Midnight, Friday, February 6
March 9, 2015 Midnight, Friday, March 6
April 13, 2015 Midnight, Friday, April 10
May 11, 2015 Midnight, Friday, May 8
June 8, 2015 Midnight, Friday, June 5
July 13, 2015 Midnight, Friday, July 10
August, 2015 Midnight, Friday, August 7
Sept 14, 2015 Midnight, Friday, Sep 11
Oct 12, 2015. No Mini Contest or Slide Show. Entries for fall contest,
9am – 1pm, October 10
Nov 9, 2015 Midnight, Friday, Nov 6
Dec 14, 2015 Midnight, Friday, Dec 11

2015 Board of Directors

Thank you to those who have graciously agreed to serve our club in 2015. Our club could not function without a board. There are still openings and opportunities to help in 2015. Please contact Allison Pitre if you are interested. As president of TWPC, Allison's email address is allisontwpc-prez [email protected]

President – Allison Pitre
Vice President – Valerie Holstead
Treasurer – Amy Butler
Field Trips – Jerry Hunter
Workshops – James Fallon
Secretary - Open
Newsletter – Jerry Hunter
Slide Show Organizer - Ellen Taylor
Webmaster - Christine Martin
Historian – Judy Volper
Publicity / Promotion – Open

Upcoming Meetings

January Meeting

Bring your camera and questions for an informal Q&A session with Doug Sweet from the Humble Camera Store.

Field Trips

To be announced in the February Newsletter


TWPC member Byra Vion is downsizing and has lots of photography items for sale. Backgrounds, stands, albums, cameras, etc. etc. Please call Byra at 281-363-0055


Photo Tips

How to shoot moving water

Short shutter speeds do a good job of capturing a waterfall and its surroundings, but you'll achieve a far more attactive result by slowing things down. To do this without overexposing your image, start by switching out of auto and reducing your camera's sensitivity to its lowest setting (usually around ISO 100 or ISO 80), then either use a neutral density (ND) filter or, if you don't have one or can't fit one to your camera, dial down the exposure compensation to its lowest level (usually -2EV, -3EV or -5EV).

Mount your camera on a tripod, half press the shutter release to fix the focus point and exposure and then press it all the way to take the picture, being careful not to shake the camera while it's taking the shot. It'll take some experimentation to get this right, so don't be put off if you don't get the perfect results first time around.



On Saturday, January 24, 2015 we will continue the Lightroom class held in November 2014. The workshop will be at the South Montgomery County Library from 9:30-3:30 and cost $15 which includes lunch. Attendance is limited to the first 18 paying members. 2015 dues must be current to attend the workshop. If you are interested contact Christine at [email protected]

Monthly Mini Contest & Slide Show

Mini-Contest $20 cash prize

January 2015 - New Years Resolution

You can submit up to two photos. The winner is selected via secret ballot by the majority vote from the members in attendance at the meeting

Slide Show:

Submit up to five photos. We’d love for you to share all kinds of images you might have of events, trips, people, workshops or whatever else you might have in your digital library.

A two year time frame is suggested for the slide show and mini-contest photos.

How to submit:

Mini Contest: You may submit up to two photos

Slide: You may submit up to five photos

Size/Type of file: 1024 long side, 72dpi, jpeg format at 8 bit

Name your file: Your name (first or last), whether it’s for the mini or slide show, and then number. Please do this, as it’s extremely helpful!

Example for mini: Ellen Taylor mini1, Ellen Taylor mini 2

Example for slide: Ellen Taylor slide 1, Ellen Taylor slide 2, EllenTaylor slide 3

Where to send them: Email all images to [email protected]

Deadline: No later than 12pm noon tomorrow, Sunday January 11.

Looking forward to seeing your photos!


To participate in the club field trips, mini-contest and workshops you must be a member.To Join or renew your membership - Individual $25, Family $35, Student $15, see Treasurer Amy Butler or mail payment to our P.O. Box. New members please complete 2015 application.

Membership dues paid after the Fall Contest in October will now include membership for the following year!

Membership Form can be found on our club's website http://www.woodlandsphoto.org/membership

Mailing Address:
The Woodlands Photography Club
PO Box 9183
Spring, TX 77387

1306945493 FaceBook 128x128

Like Us!

The club has a Facebook page for paid members.. The Woodlands Photography Club. This is a place to easily share what you are shooting and what is happening between meetings.

Visit TWPC Website (http://Woodlandsphoto.org

All members are encouraged and welcome to attend the board meetings which are held on the last Wednesday of each month from 6:30-8:00 pm at Cafe Express on Market Street. The January board meeting will be held January 28 at a member's home. For security reasons, we will not post the address in this newsletter. If you are interested in attending the meeting, please send an email to Allison Pitre at [email protected] with the subject line "I want to attend the January board meeting". For a complete listing and contact information of the 2015 board members please visit our website**

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