February Newsletter 2014

February 10th 6:30 - 8:00pm

South Montgomery Community Center

2235 Lake Robbins Drive





Upcoming Meetings

March - Digital Photo Books

2014 Board Member Positions

The following positions are currently open. Duties of the board consist of attending monthly club meetings and board meetings (the last Wednesday of each month) as well as the specific duties outlined below.

This is your club and it takes more than a few people to make it run smoothly; please consider volunteering a few hours each month.

Secretary: Will keep up with board meeting notes. Make reservations for club meetings, workshops, fall contest and any other meeting that is scheduled for the club. This position is also responsible for maintaining and providing the name badges at the club meetings.

Workshop Coordinator: Responsible for researching, planning & coordinating club workshops.

Field Trip Coordinator: Responsible for coordinating field trips. You do not have to lead the field trips, but find members willing to host each event. Plan for one field Trip per month. Most should be local.

A list of all board positions can be seen at (http://woodlandsphoto.org/board-member)
If you are interested in these positions, please talk to a board member or email [email protected]
Thank You,
2014 WPC Board**

Field Trips

Heritage Village
157 Private Road 6000
Woodville, Texas 75979

Date: February 22nd 2014
Time: 9:00am
Admission: $4.00

Heritage Village is a living museum of pioneer history, with a main street that is right out of the mid 1800's to early 1900's. Heritage Village is an outstanding insight into what pioneer life in East Texas was like and good photo opportunities.

We are to meet at the front entrance of the Heritage Village at 9:00am and start from there photographing the Village.

At 11:45 we will take a break and have lunch at the Picket House Restaurant. After lunch we will continue photographing until 3:00pm..If you have any questions please contact [email protected] Website is http://www.heritage-village.org/

March - Bluebonnets - Date to be determined
April - Mercer Arboretum
May - Texas Railroad in Palestine - Special Photographers Trip $85


Photo Tips

Memory Cards
There is a lot to think about when purchasing memory chips for your camera. On the one hand, more is better; having a 16GB of memory to work with will make it easier to forget about your card and just keeping shooting. On the other hand, memory cards are sometimes lost, stolen or corrupted, so it can be dangerous to rely on a single card for all your images. Make sure you back everything up as quickly as possible, and always be sure to have a clear card in your bag, just in case you need to switch unexpectedly.

Erasing the photos from your memory card doesn't remove all the data. Overtime the card can begin to have errors and fill up with useless information. Formatting clears the card completely and resets the cards folder structure. Format your card regularly but be sure to back up your photos;

There are two things to think about when purchasing a memory card: How much data it can store and how quickly it stores data. Memory is generally measured in gigabytes (GB), while chip speed is ranked according to a simple scale: a class 4 chip stores 4 megabytes per second. Investing in fast chip (example, class 10) or two will help maximize your cameras performance in rapid-fire situations.


Mini Contest & Slide Show

Mini Contest:

February - Winter in Houston
March - Rural / Rustic
April - Cowboys/Rodeo
May - Flowers
June - Creepy Crawly
July - Weather
August - Food
September - Summer Fun
October - None - Fall Contest
November - Fall
December - Holiday
You can submit two photos and increase your chances of winning that $20.00 prize.

Slide Show: Any photo to share

Submit up to four photos, and they can be of anything! We’d love you to share all kinds of images you might have of events, trips, people, workshops or whatever else you might have in your digital library.

How to submit: Email to [email protected]

It’s easy! Just email your photos to me. Please resize them to 1024 pixels on the long side. If you aren’t sure how to resize, don’t worry . . . send them to me and I will resize them for you. Please note in the subject line or in the body of the email whether they are for the Mini Contest or the Slide Show, and make sure your full name is also included.

You will need to send to me no later than Friday, February 7th at midnight. We would love to have a lot of participation; sharing your photos will inspire others and provide a platform to show off your photos, no matter what level you are at in your photography journey.

Looking forward to seeing your photos!

Cindy Wickizer

[email protected]


Black and White - Transportation
People - People at work
Nature - Water
Technique - Shallow depth of Field
Wild Card - 2014 Workshops and Field trip
New Members - Plants & Flowers

Photos for the Mini-Contest,Slide Show and Fall Contest need to have been taken in the last two years.


It's the beginning of another year and that means we all must pay our dues! Membership prices are the same as before. To participate in the club field trips, mini contest and workshops you must be a member. Join or renew your membership - Individual $25, Family $35, Student $15.

Don't forget that membership dues paid after the Fall Contest will now include membership for the following year!

Registration Form can be found on the club's website http://www.woodlandsphoto.org/membership

Mailing Address:

The Woodlands Photography Club
PO Box 9183
Spring, TX 77387

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Like Us!

The club has a facebook group - The Woodlands Photography Club.This is a place to easily share what you are shooting and what is happening between meetings.

Club's Website

All members are welcome to attend board meetings which are held from 6:30-8:00pm the last Wednesday of each month at Cafe Express in The Woodlands. For a complete listing and contact information of current board members please visit our website.