Woodlands Photography Club
December 2010 Newsletter

December 13th- 6:30-8:00 pm
South Montgomery County Community Center
2235 Lake Robbins Road
Annual Holiday Party

As I write my final newsletter message of the year and think back to the great year we've had in the club, I realize again what a wonderful membership we have. I would like to thank everyone in the club for making this such a successful year. In particular, I'd like to thank the 2010 Board members for all their ideas, help and work in keeping the club active. We had a fun, diverse set of field trips and workshops during the year which provided opportunities for lots of members to learn new things, talk with other photographers and take photos in many settings. Who would have thought at the beginning of the year that we would have the chance to capture photos of alligators, birds, flowers, water drops, vintage airplanes, theaters, butterflies, museum exhibits, glass blowing artisans, Asian gardens, terra cotta soldiers, The Woodlands Waterway, and other fun things during field trips and workshops! I would also like to thank all the speakers that enriched our meetings and the judges that made our contests great successes.

Now it's time to plan for 2011 and your new Board is actively engaged. Please let us hear from you about ideas for presentation topics or speakers you would like to see, ideas for workshops to help you learn new things, and ideas for field trips to broaden your opportunities to capture interesting photos. The members are clearly what make this club a success, so make sure you have a say in what we plan for 2011. Please contact any of the Board members through the links on our website to send us your ideas or talk to us at the meetings.
See you at the party on December 13!!

Don Rueter, President

December 13th Annual Holiday Party Bring a
hors d'oeuvre or dessert to share

Houston Glass Studio
Houston Glass Studio, Photo by Don Rueter

Holday Lights

Shooting holiday lights is not that difficult if you shoot at the "right" time. The "right" time being the time when the ambient light balances with the tungsten light of the holiday lights (dusk). If the camera's white balance is set to tungsten the sky will turn a royal blue when shooting lights during the twilight. Use a tripod or brace against something sturdy in to use a slower shutter speed. Enjoy shooting this wonderful time of the year.

Board Decision

The participation in the Spring Photo Contest has declined over the past several years. For that reason the board voted to not have a spring contest in 2011. The money saved from not having the contest will go towards attracting presenters for workshops or meetings.

Field Trips

Ice Sculpting Competition
Date - January 8
Time - 9:45am (For those who wish to carpool meet at the community center at 9:00)
Location - Discovery Green
1500 McKinney St
Houston, TX 77010 map

Using chainsaws and blowtorches, artists transform ice into amazing masterpieces.

To sign up for field trips please contact Derrick Bryant


Photo 101
Date - February 26
Time - 9:00-3:00pm
Cost - $10

The workshop will consist of approximately 2 hours of presentation, discussion, and Q&A. Topics will include the very basics of photography such as Camera Functions, Camera Controls, Exposure, Depth of Field, Shooting Modes, Composition, Histograms and Workflow.

To sign up for workshops please contact Lisa Griffins

Mini Contest

Holiday Lights

Digital or Print Photos (8x10) Please submit you pictures to Barry Dolton. The photos need to be resized to 1024x768 and submitted Friday prior to the meeting. There is a limit of 2 photos per person.
Start Shooting for 2011
January – Night Life
February – hearts
March – Signs
April – humor
May – Faces
June – Summer Fun
July – Patriotic
August – Shadows
September – Sports
November – Scary
December - Cold

Members Slide Show

Have you been someplace interesting or just gotten some great shots? Each month a portion of the meeting will be devoted to seeing and talking about the creative experiences of our membership. Please share your shots with members by participating in members slide show. Submit your photos (limit 5) to Barry Dolton by the Friday prior to the monthly meetings.
Club's Website

Club's Website

All members are welcome to attend board meetings which are held from 6:30-8:00pm the last Wednesday of each month at Cafe Express in The Woodlands. For a complete listing and contact information of current board members please visit our website.