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October 2010 Newsletter

October 11th- 6:30-8:00 pm
*NOTE* South Branch Montgomery County Library *NOTE*
2101 Lake Robbins Road

Group shot
Club Members Shooting at Aquarium
Photo by Doug Wilson

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Fall weather has finally arrived and it’s time again for our Fall Photo Contest!! Don’t forget the submittal time on Saturday, October 9, from 9:30 – 11:30AM at the Library. Also remember to check the outside dimensions of your frames! Nothing larger than 17 X 21 inches. Regrettably, we cannot accept late submittals or oversized frames. It will help speed up the check in process if you complete 2 entry forms in advance for each photo you are submitting. The forms are available through a link on our website HERE.

It’s also that time of year when we start planning for the new year. We are in need of a couple of members to serve the club as Board members in 2011 so we can continue to grow this great club. Please contact any of the current Board members to volunteer, ask questions, or to suggest members who would be good candidates. Links to our email addresses are also available on the website.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the contest results meeting on Monday, October 11!
Don Rueter

September Meeting Summary

Ted Washington is a name that is synonymous with great architectural photos of The Woodlands. From publications and advertisements to the Home Finder Center walls, his photos show the beauty of our neighborhoods. His presence at our September meeting speaking on architectural photography resulted in a wonderful evening and lots of interesting information for those at the meeting. You can’t get much better insight into shooting in our local community than that! Thanks, Ted, for a fantastic, informative program!

Photography Tip - Resize Images for Web Using Photoshop

by John Lawson

A 4x6 .jpg file is ideal for printing, it is too big for convenient viewing on the WEB, and if you email it to someone with dial-up (slow) internet service they will be most aggravated by the download time.  You really should convert it to a picture no more than 5 inches from top to bottom, and 72DPI (which is the max your monitor can display).

1. Select ‘Image Size’ from the top menu bar, then within the selection menu, set the Height to 5 and Resolution to 72.  Note, this sample picture is 4 (wide) X 6 (tall) as we originally cropped it.  So we should shorten the height to 5 inches.  Had this picture been cropped to 6 (wide) X 4 (tall) we would skip resetting the Height. Click ‘OK’

resize photo 1

2. The picture almost disappears.  Not to worry.  Just do not click ‘Save’ or you will mess up your print version of the picture.

resize image 2

3.  Select File and Save for Web

resize image 3

4. Once you have selected ‘Save for Web’ the following appears.

resize image 4

In the lower left side of the screen, you see the approximate size of the final file.  In the upper right side of the screen, you see a number of selection boxes.  You can adjust the ‘Quality:’ up and down until the file size is something between 20 and 40K.  This picture is 8.025K, which will give you very fast Web upload/download and email speeds.  It may have a small bit of ‘stair-stepping’ on curves.  I will move up the quality a bit to 75, and I will end up with a 23.59K file.  This will vary according to the picture you are working on, so play with it a bit, and try out several options until you see what you want in your web browser.

5. Click ‘Save’ and the next menu comes up. 

resize image 5

Again, now is the time to be careful!! Be sure to select your final folder destination and/or change the file name so you do not over-write your original ready-for-printing .jpg file.  If I want to keep all the files together, I typically append ‘-web’ to the filename:

resize image 6

Then click ‘Save’

6.  After your web-ready picture has been saved, Photoshop returns you to the screen you saw previously Then select ‘File’ and ‘Close’ and the following appears.

resize image 7

Again, it is time to be careful!!!  When the pop-down menu appears and asks you if you want to save the changes before closing, the answer is ‘No’ otherwise, you will ruin your print-ready version of the file.

7. Here is what your final web-ready picture will look like when viewed from a web browser.  Plenty of room, and smooth curves … looks great.

resize image 8

8. Once you have your process perfected, learn how to do an ‘Action’ in Photoshop, record it and save it.  I have actions to take over as soon as the image is cropped, and it will generate all the following steps.  Great time saver!

Photography Learning Opportunities

Kathy Adams Clark is bringing her Leisure Learning classes to The Woodlands!

Photography at Night -October 5th 6:30-9:30 pm

Basics of Photography -November 6th 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Intermediate Photography - December 9th 6:30-9:30 pm

For additional details, please visit http://www.llu.com

Art Wolfe Photography Seminar - In Houston

Art Wolfe, host of the acclaimed public television series Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge, has created a comprehensive curriculum based on over 35 years of experience as a professional photographer. Wolfe has tuned this curriculum into an intensive 5-hour seminar exploring specific and critical facets of photographic composition. Using his superlative imagery of wildlife, natural landscapes and the world's diverse cultures, he will lead participants on an artistic journey of insightful discovery.

Cost $195 - Crowne Plaza Hotel Downtown Houston - Registration and more information http://artwolfeworkshops.com/lectures.php

Fall Photo Contest

Submissions for the Fall Photo Contest will take place Saturday, October 9, 9:30-11:30am at the South Branch of the Montgomery County Library

Photos should be WIRED ready to hang. Please complete entry forms prior to registration and bring with you to the library - they can be downloaded at - http://www.woodlandsphoto.org/contests/ContestEntryForm.doc - If you have questions regarding contest rules or procedures please send email to [email protected]

A new twist for the fall contest is one category set aside for NEW club members (joined club in 2009 & 2010). Download rules for the contest - Here

1. Black and White - People (no sepia or monotones)
2. Nature - Birds - (No captive animals allowed)
3. Technique - Macros
4. The Color Yellow
5. Pets - (New Members ONLY - joined for the first time in 2009 or 2010)
6. Open - only category that can be digitally altered

Field Trip Information

Crighton Theater and Conroe Main Street Evening PhotoWalk
Date - October 3rd
Time - 5:30pm (subject to change)

We will meet across the street from the Famous Crighton Theater in Conroe, TX. We will have a PhotoWalk on Main street and end up at the Crighton Theater. We have permission to photograph both inside and out at our leisure. Go here for more info - http://www.crightontheatre.org/

Houston Glassblowing Studio
Date - November 13th
Time - 8:00am
Limited to 20 participants (currently full - waiting list)

During this field trip, we will receive a studio tour and see two live demonstrations of glass blowing. We will meet at the Studio about 8am and program should last until about 10:30am. Go here for more info - http://www.houstonstudioglass.com/about_us.html

To sign up for upcoming field trips contact Doug Wilson

Welcome New Members

Norine Johnson, John Lawson, Cliff and Stephanie Salawage, Leigh Whittington, Kristi Williams


No Mini Contest for October

Digital or Print Photos (8x10) Please submit you pictures to Barry Dolton. The photos need to be resized to 1024x768 and submitted Friday prior to the meeting. There is a limit of 2 photos per person.

Members Slide Show

No Member Slide Shows for October

Have you been someplace interesting or just gotten some great shots? Each month a portion of the meeting will be devoted to seeing and talking about the creative experiences of our membership. Please share your shots with members by participating in members slide show. Submit your photos (limit 5) to Barry Dolton by the Friday prior to the monthly meetings.
All members are welcome to attend board meetings which are held from 6:30-8:00pm the last Wednesday of each month at Cafe Express in The Woodlands. For a complete listing and contact information of current board members please visit our website.

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