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June 2010 Newsletter

June 14th- 6:30-8:00 pm
South Montgomery County Community Center
2235 Lake Robbins Road
Speaker - Members Teaching Members


WPC Field Trip
WPC Field Trip to Bernhardt Winery
Photo by Don Rueter

Summer is here and club activities are heating up! Many thanks to Kathy Adams Clark for her outstanding presentation on Macro photography and to Berhardt Winery for hosting a fun field trip for 11 members at their facility in May. We announced the Fall Contest categories at the May meeting, so check them out on the website and get out there shooting. June will bring Board member presentations at the meeting, field trips to the Woodlands Equestrian Club, and an instructive Macro Workshop. This should be another great month, so come out and join us at the meeting and field trips! Let your Board hear from you at the meetings or by email so we can use your valuable input as we plan future events.

Don Rueter

Photography Tip - Raw Power

Most of the DSLR cameras today come with the option to shoot in JPG format or RAW format.  We are also seeing more of the point and shoot cameras with the ability to shoot both formats. 

JPG format is an industry standard compression technique to reduce the size of photo files.  It is now used as the defacto standard for displaying graphic files on the web.  Most people start shooting this format to save disc space needed on the camera and on their computer.  JPG also makes it convenient to send to friends or labs for getting prints.

RAW format is a way of taking the raw data from the sensor in the camera and writing that data directly to a file.  Each vendor (and camera model) has their own format that matches the sensor and firmware on the camera.  The files are considerably larger than the ones in JPG format and not all computer programs can read all the vendor formats.

Looking at the description above, you may be asking yourself “Why would I want to use the RAW format?”  The real advantage to the RAW format is the ability to extract additional detail from the photo without degrading the quality of the photo.  It will also allow you to modify the White Balance for the photo. 

Every time you convert to JPG some detail is lost.  If you modify a JPG file and save it again, more information is lost again.  This degradation produces what are called artifacts in the image.  The Quality/Size settings on the camera not only determine the size of the file, but also the amount of detail that is lost when the file is converted to JPG.           

Since the RAW file has all the data that was captured by the sensor, you can use programs like Lightroom, Photoshop, and Elements to bring out the detail in the shadows and the highlights. 

First of all, in the example below the foliage is VERY under exposed.  I do not recommend taking this type of photo, but it does show the additional detail in the photo.  I should have used a tripod and taken a bracketed exposure set and used HDR techniques to merge the photos to get the detail in the shadows and the highlights (but that is another tip).

The first photo is the original photo as it came from the camera.  I shot this in RAW mode.

Raw 1

The next photo is the file after I have used Lightroom to bring out the detail in the photo.  It has a lot of noise in the file, but is much better than the original.

Raw 2

The last photo is the original RAW file converted to JPG.  I then applied the exact same adjustments to the JPG file.  You can see that there is a lot of detail that is lost in the conversion process.

Raw 3

Remember that you can always convert the RAW files to JPG later, but once you have converted it to JPG in the camera, some of that detail is lost forever. 

Since every picture you take may turn out to be your “money shot”, make sure it has all the detail your camera is capable of producing.  With the price of disk space, and memory cards, we should all be shooting in RAW mode whenever possible.

Happy Shooting

JT Thomas


Fall Photo Contest Categories Announced

Categories for the Fall Photography Contest were announced at the May club meeting. A new twist for the fall contest is one category set aside for NEW club members (joined club in 2009 & 2010). Download rules for the contest - Here

1. Black and White - People (no sepia or monotones)
2. Nature - Birds - (No captive animals allowed)
3. Technique - Macros
4. The Color Yellow
5. Pets - (New Members ONLY - joined for the first time in 2009 or 2010)
6. Open - only category that can be digitally altered

Field Trip Information

Woodlands Equestrian Club
10422 Hufsmith Rd.
Tomball, TX 77375
(281) 660 0962

June 5th - 8am Early morning shoot of the horses and grounds. We are permitted tripods and flashes.
We will meet in their parking lot promptly at 7:50am. Our shooting time will be approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

June 19th - 6pm Open House and Spanish Horses Dancing Exhibition. We will meet in their parking lot at 5:30pm.

To sign up for upcoming field trips contact Doug Wilson


Macro Workshop
June 19th, 2010
South Montgomery County Community Center

Join Kathy Adams Clark for a day long, hands on Macro Workshop. A variety of work stations be set-up around the room. Some subjects will be supplied, but participants are encouraged to bring flowers, scarves, and small objects. All participants need to have a camera with adjustable f/stop and shutter speed along with a tripod. Additional equipment such as a flash, reflector, release/remote release, close-up diopter, and/or extension tubes make the workshop a lot more fun. Please bring camera manual, flash manual and extra batteries to the workshop. A $35 fee is payable in advance. Participation is limited to the first 20 paid WPC members only.

To sign up or for further information on field trips please contact: David Meine

Welcome New Members

John Bishop, Murray Mangum, Bogdan Mihai, Cindy Wickizer, Peggy Williams, Ed Williams



Digital or Print Photos (8x10) Please submit you pictures to Barry Dolton. The photos need to be resized to 1024x768 and submitted Friday prior to the meeting. There is a limit of 2 photos per person.

Members Slide Show

Have you been someplace interesting or just gotten some great shots? Each month a portion of the meeting will be devoted to seeing and talking about the creative experiences of our membership. Please share your shots with members by participating in members slide show. Submit your photos (limit 5) to Barry Dolton by the Friday prior to the monthly meetings.
All members are welcome to attend board meetings which are held from 6:30-8:00pm the last Wednesday of each month at Cafe Express in The Woodlands. For a complete listing and contact information of current board members please visit our website.

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