Volume 4
September Newsletter
September 2009

Meeting - September 14 - 6:30-8:00 pm
The Woodlands Community Center
2525 Lake Robbins Road
Speaker - Vu Bahn - Speedlights on Location

Editorial Photographer

David Eisel
Presenter David Einsel
Photo by Pam Moore
David Einsel

Members were presented with a fabulous array of photographs spanning many years and subjects of the work of this award winning editorial photographer. His journalistic style came out in many photographs - stating that he would look beyond the scene and wait for the picture to evolve vs. setting up a scene. It was also interesting to note that he shot most of his career with a 50mm prime lens and the perspective he was able to gain with this one simple tool.

Fall Photo Contest
- October 26

Our fall photo contest will be held October 26th. Submit your entries
Saturday, October 24 from 9:30-11:30am at the South Branch of the Montgomery County Library, 2101 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands,TX 77380. Please check the rules for framing, mounting and matting for the contest on the club's website HERE.

1. Open - this is the only category that can be digitally altered
2. Black and White - Abstract
3. Nature - Wildlife
4. Technique - Shadows
5. People
6. The Color Red

Lenora Wants to Know

The Question: Have you noticed a difference in image quality between old lenses and new? What do you look for in image quality? Is that quality found in old lenses or new?

David Meine provided the following response: I have three Canon "L" series lenses, their best. Two are older design for film cameras, but they are new builds, very good lenses regarded as some of the best Canon made. I also have a new design wide angle which many photographers say is a noticeable improvement over the older design. My conclusion, testing only six lenses: Canon lenses below the "L" series are unimpressive. The "L" series are unfortunately too expensive for most hobby shooters but are the only way to get that 'pro' quality looking pictures. Old or new does not seem a factor.

For September:
You have an hour to shoot? What would you shoot and why?

Email your response to - Lenora Stein

WPC Members
Members looking forward to Learning at August Meeting
Photo by Pam Moore

Photography Tip

Be Prepared and Keep Your Eyes Open for the Unexpected
by Susan Long

Easy concept, sort of. Easy is why we sometimes forget the obvious.

When we are busy shooting various events or subjects, sometimes we ‘forget’ about relaxing and being open to shooting something we didn't know we came for. Let me relay a story that a high profile professional Los Angeles photographer told during a recent photography seminar that I attended.

He had just completed a photo session with a very well known singer. As they made their way to the waiting limousine, he took photos of autograph seekers and individuals greeting the singer. He took the typical shots until the singer was finally inside the car with the door closed. MANY of us might think……. Ok, show over. Not this photographer. He keeps shooting, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS. Because he said when you think you are done, there are still opportunities.

The opportunity he found, was a young boy that had JUST gotten an autograph from the singer. The pride and excitement in the boys face, his toothless ear to ear grin as he held up his piece of history, all while being squeezed in the high energy of the enormous crowd. Can’t you just see that photo in your mind right now?

So the message is .................. after the home run or touchdown is completed, keep looking and shooting. When the birthday candles are blown out, keep watching, keep shooting. After the posed pictures of your puppy and toddler sitting patiently together are taken, keep following and shooting. After the cake is cut, keep shooting. Look around you. It is a pretty easy concept after all isn't it?

Field Trip Information
September 19th
Monastery Mini Horse Farm
Brenham, TX
Carpool to leave library at 12:30pm
Hours: 1:30- 4:00
Cost $4

October 3
Bolton Cotton Gin
Burton, TX
Carpool: meet at library 8:00 a.m.
Travel Time: approximately 2 hours
Tour begins promptly at 10:00 am
Cost $5

Nov. 15 - 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Houston Museum of Natural Science
Permanent exhibits (except Hall of the Americas) and the Butterfly Center

Cost $10 (Due prior to event date)

To sign up for upcoming field trips contact Caryn Rock


September 12, 9:00am-12:45pm - Photoshop Elements Basics
Learn to use Elements to streamline photographic workflow by using features such as Organizer and Camera Raw. Color and exposure correction, Elements "shortcuts", and ease of use features will be covered as time permits. Presented by Janice Braud.
South Branch Montgomery Library - large meeting room.

To sign up or for further information on the clubs workshops please contact Autumn Teesdale.

Welcome New Members
Steve Abbey ,Henry Lesesne, Bridget Barrett, Teresa Barrett, Esperanza Basham
Don Cammarata, Steve Clifford,Katie & Blake Corcoran, Karol Dean, Kevin Zenz,
Paul Gould, Jr

Digital or Print Photos (8x10) Please submit you pictures to Jim Kelly. The photos need to be resized to 1024x768 and submitted Friday prior to the meeting. There is a limit of 2 photos per person.

All members are welcome to attend board meetings which are held from 7:00-8:00pm the last Wednesday of each month at Cafe Express in The Woodlands. For a complete listing and contact information of current board members please visit our website.

Club's Website - www.woodlandsphoto.org