Vol. 1                                                                                                  February 2, 2009



Welcome to all new members from the Board and myself.  We want to make this club the club that you have been looking for.  The Board appreciates information from any member about speakers, workshops, and field trips you would like to see happen.
I extend my apologies from myself and the Board in not getting the newsletter to you last month.  Mark Barbieri is vamping our web and our newsletter to make it is more readable and friendly.
Our field trips need mentors, if you have a talent, gift, knowledge – share it with your neighbor.  A little bit of knowledge can go a long way to those that don’t know what you do.

The Board is lining up some great workshops, speakers, and field trips this year.  I hope all the members will like what we are doing. 

Dot Mullinax



February’s speaker will be Kathy Adams Clark, a professional nature photographer.  Kathy's work has been published in Nature's Best, New York Times, Birder's World, Texas Highways, Family Fun, many books, calendars, and every week in the "Nature" column of the Houston Chronicle written by her husband, Gary Clark. 

Kathy teaches photography at local and national events.  She leads photo workshops to Costa Rica, Ecuador, and other locations through Strabo Tours.  Kathy was the past-president of the North American Nature Photography Association. 

She has judged competitions and given many presentations for our club.  Kathy will tell us how to “Write and Photograph a Book Project”.  They will be selling and signing three books before and after the February club meeting.  “Texas Wildlife” will be selling for $20.  “Texas Gulf Coast” and “Backroads of the Texas Hill Country” will each be selling for $10.  Bring your checkbook or money.


Cypress Top Historic Park
26026 Old Hempstead Highway
Cypress, Texas 77429

Woodlands Photo Club tour is reserved for February 28, 2009, at 10 am-Noon. Tripods are allowed. Please arrive at least 10 min early. You can stay after the tour as it is open to the general public all day.

"The buildings, restored by a team of volunteers and county officials, include the E.F. Juergen home, an Humble service station, the Juergen dance hall and the Juergen General Merchandise Store. A few of the businesses were open as late as 2002 and operated by Gene Zaboroski, Juergen's grandson." -Houston Chronicle 11/11/2008

Here is a link to the Houston Chronicle article with more information and photos:

If carpooling, meet at the library at 8:50am.  It should take about an hour to get there from the Library.

Here is a link to the MAP


February 28 - March 1 --RMSP Seminar - Radisson Hotel Fort Worth, TX; WPC members have a special discount, ask for the code at [email protected] more info at www.rmsp.com




Judging will be held Monday, March 9, 2009. Our judge is Ted Washington.  He will share comments and criticisms on the photographs.  First, Second, Third, “Best of Show”, and Honorable Mention will be awarded.


SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES -- Saturday, March 7, 2009, from 9-11 PM. at the South Branch Library in The Woodlands.  Late entries not accepted.

ATTEND THE JUDGING -- Monday, March 9, 2009 at 6:30 PM for critique/cash awards presentation.

PICK UP YOUR ENTRIES -- 1st prize, Best of Show, and Members Choice will be displayed in the library until March 27.  All other submissions shall be removed from the library after the critique and awards.  If you cannot be there, please make arrangements with somebody to pick up your entries.

The subjects will be:

WESTERN, FOOD, BLACK & WHITE [Daily Life], WATER, PAINTING WITH LIGHT, and OPEN [can be digitally altered].




Presented by Janice Braud
On January 12, 2009

The club members thoroughly enjoyed Janice Braud’s presentation “Poetry Through” Photography”.  It was interesting how Janice put together her poetry, music, and Nolan’s and her photographs in a slide show using the software Pro Show Gold.  It is through these presentations that the club can expand their knowledge and get great ideas on how to make their own presentations. 

Thank you both, Janice and Nolan for the wonderful presentation.  The club has benefitted from your many presentations and workshops.



Presented by Mark Barbieri
On January 12, 2009

Mark Barbieri gave a demonstration on how to sign onto the Texas Photo Forum.

This is a great way to show off your pictures, get critiques, ask for advice and maybe get a small group together to go shoot one sunny day!!! www.texasphotoforum.com/forum  

If you are not registered, it’s easy!!!

Presented by Mark Barbieri
On January 24, 2009

Many members benefitted from the hospitality and talents of Mark Barbieri as he opened his home to members that had the question "How do I shoot that".  Members were offered several ideal settings and opportunities to shoot in natural light, with strobes, bounce flash, indoors and outdoors.  Many items were brought by the photographers with questions on how to get the best light on their subject.  It was truly a members helping members event as everyone pitched in and offered their ideas on how to get great shots. 

Mark Barbieri’s workshop had fantastic reviews.  The members are looking forward to the next one.  Thank you very much Mark.


I.         Name
              This organization shall be known as “The Woodlands Photography Club”.  The Woodlands Photography Club (“WPC”) is a not-for-profit association of photographers and members interested in photography.  All funds raised from dues and fund-raising activities of the WPC will be used solely for the benefit of the club and its members as identified in the WPC mission statement.  The WPC will not engage in any profit-making or commercial activity nor in any political or lobbying activity which would contradict this not-for-profit status.  The WPC is not tax-exempt, and dues and donations are not tax deductible. 

II.          Mission Statement
                          Members share their interests in photography through learning and social environment through:
                             Instructional Programs
                             Critiques of Photos
                             Photo Field Trips

III.          Membership
          Any person interested in photography may apply for membership.  Membership status and voting privilege is attained upon payment of dues.

          If membership is terminated, dues paid by the member will not be refunded.  All ownership interest in equipment and supplies purchased with club funds remains with the club.

IV.          Officers/Terms of Office/ Election/Duties

  1. Elected Offices (board members)

Vice President

  1. Appointed Officers

Public relations
Field Trip Coordinator
Program Chairman

  1. Terms of Office

The President and Vice President will serve for a period of one year.  A Committee will be appointed by the President/Vice President to nominate officers for appointment.
Terms will be from the business meeting in January until December of the same year.
Installation of new officers will be the first order of business at the December meeting.  All records and club property will be relinquished to incoming officers at the December meeting.

  1. Elections

       Elections will be held at the November meeting. Nominations for the Board will be from the floor. Those members present and in good standing (paid-up dues) constitute a quorum (simple majority wins).  The voting will be by secret ballot or by show of hands. If only one person is nominated or volunteers for an office, he/she may assume the position.

  1. Duties of the Officers
  1. President:  Presides over meetings and is responsible for generally keeping the momentum going in a positive direction. The President will be empowered to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer.  President will also keep up with past meeting notes.
  2. Vice President:  Presides over meetings when the President is not in attendance; assist as needed when board members are not present for meetings and special events. Provide input on newsletter.
  3. Treasurer: He/She is also responsible for all financial recordkeeping, banking and/or cash funds and, signing of all checks. He/She will present quarterly, a brief financial statement of income source, itemized list of all expenditures, and balance. He/She will provide any member with a written financial statement upon request. Also responsible for enrolling new members, taking club meeting notes, and providing input for newsletter.
  4. Hospitality:  Responsible for greeting and introducing visitors, promoting membership; organize monthly food and beverages for meetings. As well as serving as a new member liaison and assisting with new member orientation. Responsible for sending out the email reminder regarding sign up for refreshments and input for newsletter
  5. Publicity Coordinator:  Responsible for submitting club announcements to local newspapers and for promoting club activities in the community, online and in print.
  6. Advisor:  Typically this is the president from the previous year. If president is not available, this could include another previous board member. Also with input with newsletter
  7. Webmaster:   Responsible for keeping the website up to date with the most current information, events and speakers.
  8. Public Relations:  Responsible for the many incoming inquiries from the public and membership in general. Also responsible for sending out and handling general information sent to and from [email protected] and to the general WPC list last minute meeting reminders and general announcements.
  9. Field Trip/Workshop Coordinator:  Responsible for gathering the necessary information for each field trip and workshops such as hours, fees, maps, restrictions etc. Also responsible for newsletter input, sending out emails for general field trip reminders, and sign-up sheets.
  10. Program Chairman:  Responsible for setting up the speakers and judges and assisting with special events. Also responsible for reserving the meeting room for our monthly meetings, workshops, contests etc…also, newsletter input
  11. Historian:  Responsible for maintaining a database with speakers, judges, suppliers and newsletter input

V.            Executive Board

          The management of the club shall be directed by the Executive Board.  The past president may choose to remain on the Executive Board for one more year.  The Executive Board shall meet as often as necessary to transact the business of the club.  The Executive Board is also responsible for determining Contest Rules.  A simple majority of those members in attendance will ratify the rules.  Three members of the Executive Board will constitute a quorum.

VI.          Dues/Fees/Donations

Annual dues will be determined by the Executive Board and voted upon by the attending members that are in good standing.
No person will be allowed to use club property or to enter club contests unless dues are paid up to date.
Donations may be accepted, but only with “no strings attached”.
Contests may require an entry fee.

VII.         Disbursements of Funds/ Financial Reporting

  1. The Treasurer is responsible for recording all expenditures.  See section    IV.E.3.


  1. Charge transactions and other kinds of debt contracts are not permitted under any circumstances.

Lab meetings, workshops, field trips, social gatherings, may be scheduled as necessary at the discretion of the board members.


IX.          Resignation of Officers

Upon resignation of any officers, replacements will be designated by the President/Vice President as soon as possible.

X.            Amending the Bylaws

To amend the bylaws, a simple majority vote of the dues-paid members in attendance must concur by secret ballot or by a show of hands.
Amendments must be brought before the membership at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting for discussion.

XI.          Termination of the Club

  1. If for any reason the club officers and members decide that the club should be disbanded, two-thirds of the total membership in good standing must concur with by secret ballot.
  2. Notification, in writing must be given to all members at least two weeks in advance of the vote.
  3. An accurate inventory of all equipment and supplies, at club cost, along with a complete statement must be disclosed before a vote is taken.
  4. Officers will arrange for the disposition of assets: all property owned by the club will be donated to some worthy cause, taking suggestions from the members. Perhaps photography books could be purchased with the remaining funds and be donated to the public library.


February                    Macros
March       Spring show – no assignment
April                            Retro Vintage
May                             Movement
June                             Textures
July                              Things that Fly
August                                    Weather
September                   Skyline
October       Fall Show – no assignment
November                   Shadows
December                    Things with Holes

There will be a limit of 2 pictures per person.  The photos need to be resized to 1024x768 and submitted to Jim Kelly [email protected] by the first of each month.  This month you will have until February 6, 2009, to get them submitted.

Photo by Vu Banh

Photo by Dot Mullinax


Mixed Media Workshop
March 28, 2009
Time and Location TBA
Cost: $10 to cover supplies
Turn photographs into works of fine art using a variety of media and techniques. Caryn Rock, WPC board member and high school art & photography teacher will lead this exciting workshop. Techniques will include creating a textured background with media such as chalk, charcoal, paint and found papers, magazine & acetone transfers, creating invented textures, and more. What to bring: Any type of photograph you want to work with, 1 large (up to 16x20) or several small (5x7 or 8x10) mat boards or canvases for support, any decorative or found paper or flat material you want to include such as fabric, lace, etc., and several magazines with images or photographs to cut up. For more information, email Caryn Rock: [email protected]




Mark Barbieri is redesigning the web for us.  We hope that he will be able to have that accomplished by the end of February.  We are planning a section on the web where photos can continuously rotate, and we will be using the assignment photos for this project.  Each month we will put the next assignment on the web.  We hope that there will be no limitation so that we will be able to display all photos submitted from the Assignments.


President                    Dot Mullinax
Vice President            Lenora Stein
Treasurer                     Bea-Ann Kelly
Hospitality                   Susan Long
Advisor                        Autumn Teesdale
Workshops                  Vu Banh
Field Trips                   Caryn Rock
Historian                      Barry Dolton
Webmaster                 Mark Barbieri
Photographer              Pam Moore
Presentation                Jim Kelly

WPC members are welcome to our Board meetings on the last Wednesday of each month from 6:30 - 8 PM at Cafe Express in the Market Street, The Woodlands, TX