September 2008

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Visit our club web site www.WoodlandsPhoto.org for the latest in activity, images, galleries, and other things of interest to those who love photography.

Photo at the top: 
Monte Darland won the mini contest with this beautiful image. This photo was taken in Shaker Town, Kentucky, with available light to get the cookie shadows.
Exposure:  1/2 sec. at f/5.6, focal Length: 18 mm, ISO: 200, Nikon D70 and Lens: 18.0 - 70.0 mm f/3.5-4.5. Congratulations!

NEW MEMBERS CORNER: We welcome Cindy Austin, Cindy DuPaul, Megan Emerick, Wally Gardner, Karen Geser, Jeff Hutton, Medha Karve, Paul Klein, Aubry and Nora Moulder, Stephen & Barbara Tomasovic and Nancy Hutchinson, WPC welcomes you and hope that you find it to be a place where you can learn and grow in your hobby. 

Field Trips:
Houston Downtown Aquarium, We had the opportunity to enter the exhibit to photograph at our leisure the fish.

Helicopter - aerial photo tour - These tours have been very exciting and different kind of photo adventure. Let us know if you want to be schedule in one of our flights. More info


Copyright Images -- Embed a copyright notice in your images.

Photoshop and Elements allow you to add metadata and essential copyright information to images. This means that even if an image is published and circulated on the internet, the end user will still be able to find out who took the shot. To add these details, open your image into the Elements Editor or into Photoshop. Now go to File>-File Info and fill out the appropriate fields in the Description category (copyright symbol © on the PC Cntrl+Alt+C or Alt+0169 on a Mac Alt+G), then click ok to apply




Monday, September 8-- 6:30 - 9 P.M.

SPEAKER: Dianna Montoya--
Portrait Photography - Off the Beaten Path: Using locations and backgrounds that aren't typical. Dianna, WPC former vice-president during 2007, is now a full-time wedding and portrait photographer and will share with us some tips on how to shoot in less-than-ideal locations. Look at her work, click here

MINI CONTEST: MINI CONTEST THEME TEXTURES bring any two images showing Textures to participate in this mini contest.

SLIDE SHOW: SLIDE SHOW: Please, email 5-8 of your favorite recent images that you would like to share at the meeting to Jim Kelly. Let's see all those wonderful vacations from around the world.

Saturday, September 6, from 10 AM to 2 PM --
-- WPC Members answering questions at Woodlands Community Center 2235 Lake Robbins (next door to the library). Come and visit, there will be "tips & tricks" for all levels photographers and a special door prize raffle for a lucky individual who attends. BEGINNERS AND ADVANCED TOPICS. Open to the public


Saturday, September 27, from 8:30 AM to 3 PM --
CHINA TOWN TOUR -- $35 fee per person. This Photo Tour will be very exciting with an interesting photo opportunity, bring your photo gear, your tripods and dress comfortable. Tour begins at the Woodlands Library Parking lot, WPC members will ride in a tour bus to the Chinese Community Center, 9800 Town Park and visit the shopping area at the Hong Kong City Mall, Includes dining on dim-sum at Ocean Palace Restaurant, a visit to the Jade Buddhist Temple and back to CCC for a tea ceremony if time allows. Very few spots left more info and sign in



FALL 2008 PORTFOLIO SHOW & COMPETITION Submission and Set up

Saturday, October 11 from 9:30 -11:30 AM --
Time to submit your pictures for the Fall Contest at the South Branch Library in The Woodlands. Please notice the time 9:30 AM until 11:30 AM. Late entries cannot be accepted. Please review the rules and entry form and have your entry fees and forms available when you arrive. We need volunteers, please sign in for helping to set up exhibit


SPECIAL NOTE : our regular meeting will be on WEDNESDAY, October 15-- 6:30 - 9 P.M.

PROGRAM: Fall 2008 Portfolio Show and Competition Award Ceremony and Photographic Critique with Kathy Adams Clark, Kathy has been a nature professional photographer since 1995, she runs a stock agency that represents outstanding nature photographers, she has been published in many nature magazines, she is a photo instructor and leads photo tours. Kathy is a well known photographer.


SLIDE SHOW: Please, email couple of your recent best images, if you want to share for the slide show to Jim Kelly 5-8 of your favorite photos that you would like to share at the meeting.


Sunday, October 12, from 8 AM- 2 PM --
Bird Dog Field Competition -- Katy Trial Grounds, Katy TX, there are two fields. They plant 5 birds in each field and send out 2 dogs and handlers in each field. They have 30 min to find as many birds as they can. You will be able to tack photos from the gallery area so bring a good lens. More info http://www.nstra.org If you are interested please sign in

Saturday, October 18, from 9-11 AM --

WPC Manual 101 Workshop
, with Pam Moore. Come and learn how to use your camera. Starting from the very basics in Photography. Class from 9-11 AM at the Montgomery South Branch Library, Lake Robbins, The Woodlands. Following class there is a photo field trip around the library. SIGN IN


October 25-26, 2008 -- WINGS OVER HOUSTON AIRSHOW, Ellington Field Houston TX, more information

October 31 - November 2 -- BALLUNAR FESTIVAL -- The Festival is one of the largest national balloon navigational and maneuvering competitions. The Ballunar Liftoff Festival at Johnson Space Center More Info




SPEAKER: Pam Moore-- Current WPC Vice-President, will share how you can sell your images in the micro-stock photography business.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to purchase and sell images for use in advertising, brochures, magazines, school projects and on the internet.  There will be door prizes for photographers and free credits for businesses that are interested in joining the thousands that already know the secret of buying and selling images in the micro-stock industry. Pam's web site

PICK UP YOUR ENTRIES -- Wednesday, November 5, 2008 during our regular meeting, at the South Branch Library in The Woodlands. If you cannot be there, please make arrangements with somebody to pick up your entries.

MINI CONTEST: MINI CONTEST THEME BRIDGES bring any two images showing BRIDGES to participate in this mini contest.

SLIDE SHOW: SLIDE SHOW: Please, email 5-8 of your favorite recent images that you would like to share at the meeting to Jim Kelly. Let's see all those wonderful images from all over around.


Saturday, November 8, from 9 AM - 2 PM --
WPC Scavenger Hunt at Pow Wow Fest. 7979 N. Eldridge Rd • Houston, TX 77041. More info and sign in and for further details visit

Saturday, November 15, from 9-11 AM --
Battleship Texas Museum at Porte Texas, Hard Hats Tour, just for WPC members. We will take this tour to public restricted areas and will be able to take pictures there. Limited room. More info and sign in




Visit WPC
resources to ask our Consulting Photographers
Basic Photography · Digital Photography · Matting & Framing · Nikon Capture · PC Questions · Photoshop · Underwater Photography · Web site Design


Cesar Vargas -- He is a Certified Professional Photographer. It took a year and a half for him to get ready and fulfill requirements. Congratulations, Cesar, what a wonderful accomplishment!!!

LOCAL EXHIBITS: Seeing the work of other artists and photographers can give new insights and ideas for our own work. Check out the following local exhibits:

Through September 7 -- Houston Center for Photography
26th. Anniversary Juried Membership Exhibition, 1441 West Alabama, Houston TX

Through September 14 --
African American Battlefields of the Civil War. Contemporary Photography by William Earle Williams. Museum of Fine Arts Houston at Caroline Wiess Law Building


HCP and LLU are offering photo classes on regular basis, take a look at our calendar

Joe Cusack, a member of The Woodlands Photography Club, teaches middle school students about photography and is requesting the donation of non-functioning cameras and camera lens. He would like to use these broken cameras to show the students different parts of a camera during his lecture. Email Joe Cusack if you can help.



1) Unused, new work book for $10.00:The Artist's Marketing and Action Plan Workbook (Paperback) by Jonathan Talbot, Geoffrey Howard ( $16.95 on Amazon.com) If you are interested please email Barbara at [email protected]


1) Leica M7 Rangefinder with Leica lenses: 24 mm lens 2.8, 35 mm lens 2.0, 50 mm lens 2.0, 75 mm lens 1.4, Leica motordrive
. All equipment is approximately 2 years old and in mint condition. All for $8,499.95 Contact Don Griffin 281 221 2688

2) Nikonous V underwater camera with: 35 mm Nikon lens, 15 mm Nikon lens and 15 mm viewfinder (Magnificent lens for underwater), Nikon close up macro outfit for reefs and smaller tropical fish, SB 103 Nikon flash, Pelikan hard carrying case. All gear was used about 5 times, all for $2,499.95. Contact Don Griffin 281 221 2688

3) Leica V-Lux 1 digital camera w/ Leica all-weather case, 35-420 mm zoom lens, Built in flash, Auto focus with manual override + anti-shake, Large fold-down display + viewfinder display, Record sound, sunshade, battery charger, software, etc. I am the only owner, camera is about one year old. Will sell for $649.95. Contact Don Griffin 281 221 2688

4) For Sale Arax 60 MLU kit including sport viewfinder; metered prism viewfinder; 80mm 2.8 Arax lens, 120mm MC Vega lens; 65mm 3.5 MC Mir lens; various Bronica, Hoya, Tiffen filters; Underwater Kinetics hard case. Camera and lenses were brought back from Ukraine. All equipment (except filters) has never been used. Incredible inexpensive way to get into 120 6x6 photography. Arax is a small Ukrainian company that buys hand-picked parts from Arsenal (the manufacturers of the infamous Kiev cameras) modifies them and hand assembles what the Kiev 60 should have been. For more information on the company and the camera, see: www.araxphoto.com PRICE REDUCED - Asking $400 for everything. Contact Bob at [email protected]

5) Bogen 3021 tripod with a 3D head  anyone interested? Price it at $110. Contact Jim Stoner 936-273-4388

6) Sigma 20-40 2.8 wide angle Lens, Nikon compatible for $250, with Lens hood and lens case   also excellent condition. Inquiries Bobby Green at (832)651-0091 or email address [email protected]

7) EPSON 1280 printer $200.00. The 1280 prints up to 13x19 paper which you probably already know comes with an extra ink cartridge for it. Contact  Jim Kelly

8) CANON EOS 1N RS - professional 35mm film camera. This is the rare one built with a pellicle mirror which means that there is no blackout during exposure since light travels through the mirror to the film and the mirror does not need to flip up during the exposure. This allows the camera to have an incredibly fast shooting rate of 10 frames per second when set on continuous high, great for sports and action shots. This camera is no lightweight since the body and motor drive are built as one unit. Camera body is in great shape but is missing the rubber eyecup. This camera sold new for $2700.00. It has been a great camera but I don't use it now that I have my digital bodies. Best offer gets it but I would like to get $250. Contact Jim Stoner 936-273-4388

9) CANON EOS 1D-Mark 2, professional Digital SLR. This camera is a great one for sports shooting, portraits, weddings, nature etc. and is in excellent shape. It's 1.3 crop factor will allow wider angle shooting with your lenses than most DSLR's. A fast shooting speed of 8.5 fps made it the fastest DSLR for the past 3 years. With 8 megapixels I have made 30x40" prints with no problem. JUST REDUCED will sell for $2000. Contact Jim Stoner at 936-273-4388.

STUDIO FOR RENT Clark Lara has a full studio with Norman Lights, High Key white wall, as well as 3 different muslins. No props you would have to supply your own. SPECIAL PRICE $50 an hour. The high key is great for everything from product shots to high fashion.


The Woodlands United Methodist Church Camera Club
TWUMC for all skill levels gathers the first Monday of every month, except holidays from 7 PM to 8:30 PM at 2200 Lake Woodlands Dr. More info

The 1960 Digital Photography Special Interest Group meets the first Thursday every month at the Cypress Creek Christian Church on 6823 Cypresswood Drive, a diverse group of photographers seeking to improve photography skills with a motto of “members helping members” More info

The Kingwood Photo Club gathers photographers, who share a love for the capture, preservation and sharing of God's creations through
photography. Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month at the Kingwood United Methodist Church, 6:30 pm. More information


We need club members who have digital cameras to volunteer to document our field trips and special events. Our friends Nolan Braud, Susan Long and Cesar Vargas have been providing digital images of our meeting presenters and other activities but could use some help.  If you are willing to help, please e-mail to our newsletter editor.


Each member of our club gets a free online gallery of your favorite images. For details on how to get yours set up, contact Nolan Braud ([email protected]) or read the procedures


Help us continue to have the most interesting and informative activities by sharing your ideas for the best experiences you've had. E-mail your ideas for each activity below to the club officer in charge of that activity:

Presentations - Autumn Teesdale
Other Activities - Pam Moore
Web Site, Newsletter - editor


The Woodlands Photography Club
is an organization formed
to support area photographers of all ages, skill levels, and interests to advance in their ability to create truly satisfying images. In the process, we all become great friends, enjoy field trips and outings together, and learn from each other.

 We meet on the second Monday of every month from 6:30 to 9 P.M. at the Library just west of The Woodlands Pavilion (The Montgomery County South Branch Library
at 2101 Lake Robbins Dr.) in the meeting room immediately to your left as you enter the front doors. Visitors and the curious are always most welcome!

MEMBERSHIP. Anyone interested in photography, no matter what your age or level of experience (professional, amateur, or wannabe), is most welcome to join our club. Membership is a measly $20/person or $30/couple per year (worth getting married for!).

NEWSLETTER. Our monthly online newsletter goes out around the first week of each month (you are reading the current issue).  We keep all back issues archived on our club web site.

MEMBER GALLERIES. Each member can have a gallery of his or her best images online. Contact Nolan Braud for gallery help [email protected]


Vice President
Advisory Committee


" The virtue of the camera is not the power it has to transform the photographer into an artist, but the impulse it gives him to keep on looking."

  ~Brooks Atkinson

See you MONDAY the 8, for our September Meeting!

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