November 2007

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Photo at the top: 
Ron Bautsch won the "BEST OF THE SHOW" recognition at the Fall 2007 Photo Show and Competition, with this incredible sepia picture; very artistic image of an intriguing natural formation.

October Activities
At our regular meeting in October,
Stephan Hillerbrand, photographer and professor of Art at University of Houston, and Delilah Montoya from University of Houston, Art Photography. They were judging our exhibit prior to the meeting and after our awards ceremony they gave us a photographic critique.

Fall 2007 Photo Show and Competition

Congratulations to all the winners who are:

BEST OF THE SHOW: Ron Bautsch, B&W Macro, "Graceful"

MEMBERS FAVORITE: Cindy Abbott , Open, "Colorfall"

B&W MACRO: 1st. Place Pam Moore, 2nd. Place Cesar Vargas, 3rd. Cindy Abbott, Honorable Mention: Don Rueter

OPEN: 1st. Dot Mullinax, 2nd. Dot Mullinax, 3rd. Stephen Andreas, Honorable Mentions: Ron Bautsch, Cesar Vargas

PEOPLE DOING SOMETHING: 1st. Cesar Vargas, 2nd. Dot Mullinax, 3rd. Stephen Matovich, Honorable Mention Robert Green

THREE OF A KIND: 1st. Don Rueter, 2nd. Don Rueter, 3rd. Mike Guidry, Honorable Mention: Pam Moore

WATER: 1st. Stephen Andreas, 2nd. Ron Bautsch, 3rd. William Smith, Honorable Mention: Don Rueter

WILDLIFE: 1st. Cesar Vargas, 2nd. Stephen Andreas, 3rd. Ron Bautsch, Honorable Mention: Cesar Vargas,

SPECIAL THANKS go to Cindy Abbott, Jeff and Jackie Rohling for their kindness bringing the sweet, salty snacks and refreshments for our October regular meeting.

Field Trips -
Night Photo Shoot
at Downtown and Buffalo Bayou area, WPC members had a great time since they got set up in place and ready for twilight photos. After shooting some photos, in the area, sharing photo tips and tricks, the group went to have dinner enjoyed camaraderie and friendship. Take a look at some of the skyline pictures

Long Horns Ranch. This was a fun photo opportunity.
Longhorns, barns, fence posts and pastures.  It was a fun 'western' style photo shoot.

Arbor Gate Nursery, photo shoot. This field trip included lots of garden art and other unique items. Certainly, it was a great photo opportunity, enjoying the flowers, the nice weather and the same hobby.

PHOTO TIPS: MEMORY CARD SPEED EXPLAINED -- We tend to compare cards by the “X” speed, such as 80X, 150X, etc. But what are we measuring? The X speed is how much information the card can accept per second
1X = 150KB per second
10X = 1.5MB per second
50X = 7.5MB per second
80X = 12MB per second
150X = 22.5MB per second
300X = 45MB per second

Faster cards can accept more megabytes of information per second. With some cameras, there isn't much advantage to using a faster card, while others will benefit from the high speed. Cameras capture an image, the image file goes to a camera’s internal storage memory first; this memory is called a buffer. The buffer then feeds data into the memory card at a steady pace. Once the buffer begins to fill up, the camera slows down considerably.
The buffer writes to the memory card at a speed that is limited by the camera. If a camera is designed to write at a maximum 80X speed (12MB per second), the speed won’t be increased by using a memory card that’s rated at 150X. But there certainly isn’t any harm done to the camera or card by using a card that’s faster than the camera can write either. (Extracted from Photo Alley)


Saturday, November 3rd. from 10 AM - 4 PM -- Architectural Seminar, Jan Barfield at Best Western, The Woodlands.

$25 for Woodlands Photography Club members 

$35 for non WPC members
Discussions will include commercial, fine art and casual snapshots. Techniques and equipment will be covered as well as how to shoot well without the fancy equipment.
Please sign in and check our program


TUESDAY, November 13 -- 7:00 - 9 P.M.
NOTE:  Different day and time than normal

SPEAKER: Mark Barbieri, ADOBE LIGHTROOM PRESENTATION, he will give us a tour through this great program.  He will demonstrate the highlights and processes this software offers.  Guests are welcome.

Take down of our FALL 2007 PHOTO EXHIBIT. PICK UP YOUR ENTRIES -- During our regular meeting, at the South Branch Library in The Woodlands. If you cannot be there, please make arrangements with somebody to pick up your entries.

MINI CONTEST: FOOD Bring any two food photos for the mini-contest.

SLIDE SHOW: Bring couple of your recent best images, if you want to share for the slide show or email them to [email protected] .

Saturday, November 10 --
From 10 AM to noon -- Fire Department, just for WPC Members, at The Woodlands Fire Station 5. We will have the opportunity to photograph an old fire truck. If you are interested, please sign in

Saturday, November 10 -- From 3:30 to 6:30 PM -- WPC Park Hopping Field trip with the kiddos. We will venture out to some of the hidden parks in The Woodlands area.   Members will be mentoring 4H photography kids ranging in ages from 10 to 15 on landscape and wildlife photo techniques.  Come join the fun. Please sign in

Saturday, November 24 --The 1940 Air Terminal Museum Field Trip JUST FOR WPC MEMBERS, at 8601 Travelair Rd. on the western boundary of Hobby AP is accessed off Telephone Rd. They told us that the east and west sides of the building have beautiful relief depictions which would best be photographed for lighting purposes in the a.m. for the east and afternoon for the west side. Please sign in More info


Friday, November 2, 3 & 4th -- Ballunar Festival
$10 Per Car - Free Parking. Here is a convenient summary of links for the event : PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: http://www.ballunarfestival.com/photo.asp http://www.ballunarfestival.com/dschedule.asp http://www.ballunarfestival.com/map.asp

Saturday, November 3 -- FALL CAR SHOW The Woodlands Car Club is planning a special twist to our Fall Car Show! They will be having our first evening car show with a Hawaiian theme, in The Research Forest Plaza/Classics Pizza, off of Research Forest Drive in Shenandoah, from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. (Rain day is set for Saturday, November 10th) More info at http://www.thewoodlandscarclub.com

Through November 25 weekends -- Texas Renaissance Festival 16th Century comes alive every Saturday and Sunday for 8 weekends from 9 AM to dusk. More info at http://www.texrenfest.com/home.html or call 1 800 458 3435
In Magnolia, TX directions: http://www.texrenfest.com/directions.html

Saturday, November 17 through January 5, 2008 -- Sixth Annual Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens This whimsical celebration will kick off the holiday season with Santa Claus parachuting in to switch on the lights.



Monday, December 10-- 6:30 - 9 P.M.

We’re having our Christmas Party and ask all members to bring a dessert, a salad, or a casserole to share. Time to renew your 2008 membership. Membership evaluation of this year events. Bring your fresh ideas to the table though we will have a lot of success with our next year events. We will welcome our new board officers for 2008.

MINI CONTEST: ARCHES Bring any two arches photos for the mini-contest.

SLIDE SHOW: Bring couple of your recent best images, if you want to share for the slide show or email them to [email protected] .


Friday, December 7, Saturday, Dec. 8 from 6:30-9:30 PM --2007 Heritage Society from 45th Annual Candlelight Tour – The Sights and Sounds of the Holidays

Through January 5, 2008 -- Sixth Annual Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens This whimsical celebration will kick off the holiday season with Santa Claus parachuting in to switch on the lights.



Monday, January 14-- 6:30 - 9 P.M.

We’will have a new board members for 2008. Let's hear about their plans for the year, come and share your photo related ideas. Everything you would like the club to plan on like field trips, workshops, seminars,kind of speakers, etc. This is the time to put our ideas together for the rest of the year. Do not miss it!

Bring any two photos for the mini-contest.

SLIDE SHOW: Bring couple of your recent best images, if you want to share for the slide show or email them to [email protected]


Rocky Mountain School of Photography Weekend Photography Course --January 19-20 in Austin. From Photo Basics to Advanced techniques in Photoshop. More info at www.rmsp.com WPC Members will get a group discount, please contact us for more info


Through January 5, 2008 -- Sixth Annual Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens This whimsical celebration will kick off the holiday season with Santa Claus parachuting in to switch on the lights.

January 25 through Feb. 5 -- Mardi Gras Galveston at Galveston Island becomes a sparkling spectacle with colorful parades, elaborate masked balls and outdoor concerts.
More info at http://www.mardigrasgalveston.com/




Joe Cusack, a member of The Woodlands Photography Club, teaches middle school students about photography and is requesting the donation of non-functioning cameras and camera lens. He would like to use these broken cameras to show the students different parts of a camera during his lecture. Email Joe Cusack if you can help.

Visit WPC resources to ask our Consulting Photographers
Basic Photography · Digital Photography · Matting & Framing · Nikon Capture · PC Questions · Photoshop · Underwater Photography · Website Design


The Woodlands United Methodist Church Camera Club TWUMC for all skill levels gathers the first Monday of every month, except holidays from 7 PM to 8:30 PM at 2200 Lake Woodlands Dr. More info

The 1960 Digital Photography Special Interest Group meets the first Thursday every month at the Cypress Creek Christian Church on 6823 Cypresswood Drive, a diverse group of photographers seeking to improve photography skills with a motto of “members helping members” More info


1) Manfrotto by Bogen Model 3030 tripod head with quick release plate for $50. Contact Barbara Edmondson at  phone: 281-251-0000

2) Nikon Lenses and Sony Alpha System for Sale Cesar Vargas is selling his well cared equipment. Sony Alpha Syst with 3 lenses. One of them is the 18-200mm. If you are interested in please contact him at 713 822 8453. You can see this equipment at http://www.phototimeblog.blogspot.com/

3) EPSON 1280 printer $200.00. The 1280 prints up to 13x19 paper which you probably already know comes with an extra ink cartridge for it. Contact  Jim Kelly

4) Minolta Equipment for sale, Judy Trevino is liquidating all of her Minolta camera gear if anyone is interested in purchasing it. Very well cared of. Package A includes Maxxum 9000, strap, manual, two pack batteries, motor drive MD90, Program back super 90, Maxxum flash 4000AF, Maxxum flash 2800x2, Sakar 730 AF flash, cable OC, off camera shoe ex2, flash shoe adapter FS 1100, all these as a unit for $650.
Minolta Maxxum 9xi body -- $250
Minolta Maxxum 9 body -- $550
A wide variety of lenses, filters, extenders, etc. in excellent price. Please contact Judy Trevino for more details at 281-363-2779

5) CANON EOS 1N RS - professional 35mm film camera. This is the rare one built with a pellicle mirror which means that there is no blackout during exposure since light travels through the mirror to the film and the mirror does not need to flip up during the exposure. This allows the camera to have an incredibly fast shooting rate of 10 frames per second when set on continuous high, great for sports and action shots. This camera is no lightweight since the body and motor drive are built as one unit. Camera body is in great shape but is missing the rubber eyecup. This camera sold new for $2700.00. It has been a great camera but I don't use it now that I have my digital bodies. Best offer gets it but I would like to get $250. Contact Jim Stoner 936-273-4388

6) CANON EOS 1D-Mark 2, professional Digital SLR. This camera is a great one for sports shooting, portraits, weddings, nature etc. and is in excellent shape. It's 1.3 crop factor will allow wider ancle shooting with your lenses than most DSLR's. A fast shooting speed of 8.5 fps made it the fastest DSLR for the past 3 years. With 8 megapixels I have made 30x40" prints with no problem. Will sell for $2300. Contact Jim Stoner at 936-273-4388.

7) Canon EOS Digital Rebel 6.3 Megapixel, $1,200. This camera was bought because of a job I was taking with a newspaper. I ended up not getting it, so it has been waiting for someone to use it. It works great and comes with TWO lenses: The 18mm-35mm and Canon Zoom lens EF, 75-300mm, f4-5.6 with image stabilizer. This is a great camera. Contact Gabriel García for details.

STUDIO FOR RENT Clark Lara has a full studio with Norman Lights, High Key white wall, as well as 3 different muslins. No props you would have to supply your own. SPECIAL PRICE $50 an hour. The high key is great for everything from product shots to high fashion.

PHOTO WORKSHOP Ecuador, Ireland, Costa Rica, North Carolina or Big Bend Photo Workshop Adventure with Kathy Adams Clark. She is a professional nature photographer. www.kathyadamsclark.com More info at Strabo Tours 607-756-8676 www.phototc.com

LOCAL EXHIBITS: Seeing the work of other artists and photographers can give new insights and ideas for our own work. Check out the following local exhibits:

November - For Several Months
-"Window Shopping on Main Street, 1920-1930," uses historic photography from the Story Sloane Collection to give visitors a glimpse of downtown's heyday as a shopping destination. http://www.ghpa.org/windows2.html

November 2 through December 23 -- HCP presents Reality Interrupted. The Sanchez Brothers create images that surpass the need for photographic veracity. Acting as cinematographers and set designers, the artists use mise-en-scène ... www.hcponline.org

Through December 8 -- International Discoveries, Contemporary Artists from around the world Photo Exhibit from FotoFest
Gallery Hours: Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm, Sat, noon - 5pm. For more information on this exhibition and the artist presented here, please contact FotoFest at 713.223.5522 ext 19 or [email protected]


Rocky Mountain School of Photograph
y Weekend Photography Course --January 19-20 in Austin. From Photo Basics to Advanced techniques in Photoshop. More info at www.rmsp.com WPC Members will get a group discount, please contact us for more info

HCP and LLU are offering photo classes on regular basis, take a look at our calendar


We need club members who have digital cameras to volunteer to document our field trips and special events. Our friends Nolan Braud, Susan Long and Cesar Vargas have been providing digital images of our meeting presenters and other activities but could use some help.  If you are willing to help, please e-mail to our newsletter editor.


Each member of our club gets a free online gallery of your favorite images. For details on how to get yours set up, contact Nolan Braud ([email protected]) or read the procedures


Help us continue to have the most interesting and informative activities by sharing your ideas for the best experiences you've had. E-mail your ideas for each activity below to the club officer in charge of that activity:

Presentations - Dianna Montoya
Other Activities - Jim Kelly
Web Site, Newsletter - editor


The Woodlands Photography Club
is an organization formed
to support area photographers of all ages, skill levels, and interests to advance in their ability to create truly satisfying images. In the process, we all become great friends, enjoy field trips and outings together, and learn from each other.

 We meet on the second Monday of every month from 6:30 to 9 P.M. at the Library just west of The Woodlands Pavilion (The Montgomery County South Branch Library
at 2101 Lake Robbins Dr.) in the meeting room immediately to your left as you enter the front doors. Visitors and the curious are always most welcome!

MEMBERSHIP. Anyone interested in photography, no matter what your age or level of experience (professional, amateur, or wannabe), is most welcome to join our club. Membership is a measly $20/person or $30/couple per year (worth getting married for!).

NEWSLETTER. Our monthly online newsletter goes out around the first week of each month (you are reading the current issue).  We keep all back issues archived on our club web site.

MEMBER GALLERIES. Each member can have a gallery of his or her best images online. Contact Nolan Braud for gallery help [email protected]

Vice President
Advisory Committee


"The camera can photograph thought.  ~Dirk Bogarde."  

See you TUESDAY the 13th. for our November Meeting!

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