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JUNE 2005

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Photo at the top: Janice Braud Best of the Show winner with this picture worked to perfection. The photograph was taken at Mercer Arboretum. This Water Lily and Bee is an incredible shot, at the perfect moment, with the magic light.
Congratulations Janice!

MAY Activities
ust prior to our regular meeting, Priscilla Beverly and Don Glentzer judged our exhibit. We had more than 80 entries and not much space left on the library walls. Many thanks go out to all the participants and to all the volunteers that had helped with the exhibit. Don Glentzer discussed many pieces at length during the awards ceremony. You can take a look to some of the pictures entered at this Spring 2005 Photo Show and Competition

Congratulations to all the winners who are:

BEST OF THE SHOW: Janice Braud, Macro, "Bee on Water Lily"

MEMBERS FAVORITE: Debbie Alamilla, Nature, "Sweet Lips"

MACRO: 1st. Place John Lynch, 2nd. Place Ron Bautsch, 3rd. Debbie Alamilla, Honorable Mentions: Diana Montoya, Donna Anglin, Cathy Evans

PEOPLE: 1st. Fred Vogt, 2nd. Donna Anglin, 3rd. Diana Montoya, Honorable Mentions: Dot Mullinax, Dave McConnachie

CREATIVE: 1st. Dave McConnachie, 2nd. Cathy Evans, 3rd. Bob Bierman, Honorable Mention Barbara Edmondson

OPEN: 1st. Sue Wheatley, 2nd. Fernando García, 3rd. Cathy Evans, Honorable Mentions: Dot Mullinax, Cheryl Stitzlein

BLACK & WHITE: 1st. Ron Bautsch, 2nd. Diana Montoya, 3rd. Cecilia García, Honorable Mentions: Dot Mullinax, Janice Braud

NATURE: 1st. Ron Bautsch, 2nd. Cathy Evans, 3rd. Fred Vogt, Honorable Mentions: Dave McConnachie, John Lynch, Debbie Alamilla, Janice Braud, Diana Montoya

On May 1st, we participate at Ride For Kids. An excellent opportunity to take great shots of delighting faces of young motorcycle riders and the deeply satisfying process of helping people. A fundraiser fun event at Pasadena Convention Center & Fairgrounds, Pasadena, TX.

On May 14 -15 we had a booth at HCP Spring Print Sale to sell our pictures. It has been at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft on 4848 Main Street. This sale showcased original works by emerging and mid-carreer artists without gallery representation. Special thanks go out to all members who submitted their work to make this happen.

Special thanks for refreshments for the last meeting! thanks to Cheryl Stitzlein, who brought drinks and Sue Wheatley brought cookies. WPC really appreciate your help.



Monday, June 13 -- 6:30 - 9 P.M.

SPEAKER: Don Glentzer, Learn the art of Editorial Photography with Don Glentzer, award winning commercial and fine art photographer.

PICK UP YOUR ENTRIES -- during our regular meeting.

MINI CONTEST: Bring any two photos for the mini-contest.

MINI SLIDE SHOW: Bring couple slides for the mini-slide show.


June 9-11 GSCCC Convention Will be held in Ft. Worth. The program includes "Keys to Elements 3", "File to print in Photoshop", "Digital Strategies in Photoshop" and more. More info

June 19 Juneteenth Celebration An important date in US history The National Emancipation Association celebrates Juneteenth and the abolition of Slavery with the 31st Annual Freedom Festival.



Monday, July 11 -- 6:30 - 9 P.M.

At our regular meeting on July 11, members will put on short slide shows of their work. Let us know that you plan to participate. If you are interested contact C. Garcia

MINI CONTEST: Bring any two photos for the mini-contest.

MINI SLIDE SHOW: Bring couple slides for the mini-slide show.


July 4, Town Center Fireworks Extravaganza Photo Opportunity all day long. Enjoy the morning parade at Town Center Red, Hot & Blue Festival and at night (9PM) the Fireworks Extravaganza in The Woodlands. An intense 20 minutes show, shooting off of Anadarko Garage. more info



Monday, August 8 -- 6:30 - 9 P.M.

SPEAKER: Dave McConnachie will present his pictures from New Zealand

MINI CONTEST: Bring any two photos for the mini-contest.

MINI SLIDE SHOW: Bring couple slides for the mini-slide show.





Seeing the work of other artists and photographers can give new insights and ideas for our own work. Check out the following local exhibits:

April 8 - June 11- FotoFest at Vine Street Studios, one of the largest exhibits of photography from the Arab world in the Middle East and North Africa, ARAB EYES by Arab artists. More info

April 23 - June 25 - FotoFest at ArtCar Museum, The US presentation of NAZAR is a collaboration of FotoFest and Aperture Foundation in New York presenting WESTERN EYES, photographs by non-Arab artists.more info

May 21st - June 25th, 2005 - De Santos Gallery presents Gregory Maiofis exhibit. Do not miss it! 713 520 1200

May 27th - August 21, 2005 - At the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston The Latino Baseball Story: Photographs by José Luis Villegas At the Audrey Jones Beck Building. This exhibition features photographs by Texas-born sports photographer José Luis Villegas.

May 27th. - Sep. 11, 2005 - At the Museum of Fine Arts Photographs by Jim Dow: Baseball Stadiums, 1980—1982. At the Caroline Wiess Law Building. Serious baseball fans share the dream of seeing a game played in each of the 30 stadiums that now exist. Between 1980 and 1982, photographer Jim Dow turned his dream into a photography project.

June 14th. - Oct. 2, 2005 - Sports Photography from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. At the Caroline Wiess Law Building


We need club members who have digital cameras to volunteer to document our field trips and special events. Our friends John Masters and Nolan Braud have been providing digital images of our meeting presenters and other activities but could use some help.  If you are willing to help, please email to our newsletter editor.


Each member of our club gets a free online gallery of your favorite images. For details on how to get yours set up, contact Nolan Braud ([email protected])


Help us continue to have the most interesting and informative activities by sharing your ideas for the best experiences you've had. Email your ideas for each activity below to the club officer in charge of that activity:

Presentations - Dave McConnachie
Other Activity - Sue Wheatley

Web Site, Newsletter - [email protected]


The Woodlands Photography Club
is an organization formed
to support area photographers of all ages, skill levels, and interests to advance in their ability to create truly satisfying images.  In the process, we all become great friends, enjoy field trips and outings together, and learn from each other.

 We meet on the second Monday of every month from 6:30 to 9 P.M. at the Library just west of The Woodlands Pavilion(The Montgomery County South Branch Library
at 2101 Lake Robbins Dr.) in the meeting room immediately to your
as you enter the front doors. Visitors and the curious are always most welcome!

MEMBERSHIP. Anyone interested in photography, no matter what your age or level of experience (professional, amateur, or wannabe), is most welcome to join our club. Membership is a measly $20/person or $30/couple per year (worth getting married for!).

NEWSLETTER. Our monthly online newsletter goes out around the first week of each month (you are reading the current issue).  We keep all back issues archived on our club website.

MEMBER GALLERIES. Each member can have a gallery of his or her best images online. Contact Nolan Braud for gallery help ([email protected]).


Vice President


Advisory Committee


"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer."

- Ansel Adams

See you MONDAY the 13th for our June Meeting!

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