3-9-02, Sometime after 10PM


Sorry for the very late newsletter, but I wanted to make sure to remind

everybody about the meeting coming up on Monday night.


We've got some bad news, and good.  A couple of days ago I received a call

form Joe Baraban and he was once again called out to shoot a job out of

town.  Since his plane doesn't get it until late Monday, he will be unable

to do the program for us.  The good news is that Rodney Navarre has

consented to move his presentation from April, to the March meeting. 

Rodney will be presenting the work of several famous Black&White

photographers. He will be pointing out of similarities and differences of

their work.  This is insight you can apply to your own work, and to help

understand work done by others.  I really look forward to his presentation.

Rodney is an excellent B&W fine arts photographer.


More good news.  Joe Baraban will give his presentation on a night other

than our normal meeting night.  Right now April 2 looks promising, I will

have to check with the library to make sure we can get the space.  Joe is

a world-class location commercial photographer.  His clients list includes

such names as Coca-Cola and Toyota.  Steve Niles has put up a link to

Joe's web site on www.woodlandsphoto.org, so be sure to check it out.  I

will let everyone know exactly when the program will be presented.  Keep



In April we would like to have a presentation from an expert on Wildflower

Photography.  This is to help us get ready for the tremendous wildflower

bloom that we should see this spring.  If you have any suggestions for

such a program, please let Cathy Evans or me know about it.


Attached are the rules for the Spring Competition.  They are in PDF

(acrobat) format.  If you have problems reading it, let me know. 


We are doing things a little different this year.  Since there is no room

in the upstairs area of the library, the show will be displayed in the

conference room.  This will actually give us more room, and a good chance

to view and discuss the photos during the May meeting.  Please read the

rules carefully, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask myself

or one of the other board members.


We are really short handed this year, so please give us a hand and

volunteer for some of the events coming up.  I will discuss this in

detail at the meeting on Monday.


Until then, good shooting, good printing, or whatever makes you happy,


George Carlson,   President