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* Some notes from the Pres.

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* Due are Due, bring $15 to the January Meeting

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NOTE:  Dues are due for the coming year, only $15/member.

Where else can you have so much fun and camaraderie for

only $1.25/month !!!


============== Motor Drive ==================

                ---- Notes from the President ----

During the next year I plan to write a small column each month

to help keep the members informed of new events and maybe

even a few tips and techniques as well.  I also invite other

members to use this newsletter to voice their thoughts on

photography or to pose questions to the membership.


Digital photography is truly coming of age.  For the last several

years, sales of digital cameras have outstripped 35mm SLR's. 

One of the best trends I have noticed, in consumer digital

cameras, has been the addition of manual controls.  A few

years ago it was very difficult to find a digital camera with any

manual controls.  Now, most of the better cameras have some

sort of exposure and focus control.  BTW, I have noticed that

many of the cameras have almost no range in the aperture, they

depend upon the very wide range of the shutter to make up the

difference.  This may be something to consider if you are

looking for a new digital.

Was Santa good to you this year?  Are you the proud owner of

a new digital?  If so, you may want to consider a new software

package put out by Adobe.  Adobe is the producer of

Photoshop, the leading image processing program and the

program used by most professionals.  The problem with

Photoshop is the cost, it runs about $600.  Adobe's new

product is called Photoshop Elements.  The new program is

less than $100 and has most of the capabilities of Photoshop

(as far as photographer's are concerned).  Better yet, it has

some new features not yet in Photoshop that makes

photographic work even easier. Elements has an automatic

white balance, and recipes that guide you through the steps to

edit an image.  Although Elements does not support as many

color modes as Photoshop, it can read and convert the files to

RGB.  Elements also supports ICC color calibration and

Photoshop plug-ins.  Many times I have found this program to

be my favorite over Photoshop because it loads much quicker

and has some nice features not found in the full Photoshop. 

It's a great way to get the Photoshop experience, without

paying the Photoshop price.


            ! HELP !

There are many small tasks to do when operating a club such as ours.

This means we are always on the lookout for volunteers to make the

club just that much more fun and interesting.  If you have any ideas for

activities, please let a board member know.  Rather than putting all the

responsibility of the activities on one person, we would like to find

several people who would each take on a small job or plan an activity.

So please consider helping, and we promise not to overload you.


See you at the next meeting,

George Carlson



===== CALENDAR OF EVENTS =====================



J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 2

January 15 - TUESDAY Again!



January's meeting will be a little different.  The plan is to have an

open discussion and Q&A session on the club and photography in

general.  Bring your toughest questions to see if you can stump

the local experts.  If you have been having a tough time with a

particular area of photography, bring in a slide or print and we will

try to help you out.  Bring in that new camera and operators

manual you've been trying to decode, somebody may have worked

with that camera and has all the answers.  If you have a question

or topic, feel free to email it to me and I'll bring it up at the meeting.


Don't forget to bring your dues for the year of 2002. 

Cash, or a check for $15 made out to Janice Braud would be

gratefully accepted.


If you plan to go to the Nikon School on the weekend of

February 2nd, be sure to bring your check for $90 to the meeting.

Woodlands Library - 6:30 to 9 P.M.


F E B R U A R Y  2 0 0 2

February 2 or 3 - Nikon School for our club members

2nd Monday (February 11th) - Regular Club Meeting



===== REVIEW OF December ACTIVITY =================



The Fall (Winter?) contest was quite a success.  We had over 70

Entries.  In fact, there were enough B&W entries to convince the

Judge to set a second category for B&W.


The winners were as follows:

First Place Color -  Loren Lorente

Second Place Color - Ken Means

Third Place Color - Cathy Evans

Honorable Mention - Cathy Evans


First Place B&W - Barbara Edmondson

Second Place B&W - Phillip Grayson

Third Place B&W - Melissa Vining


For a photo of the group, go see:



Congratulations to all!



===== MEMBER BULLETIN BOARD ======================





Email your brief notice by the 25th of each month to be included in

the next issue of our club newsletter - [email protected]


Club Discount:

Members of our club get a 10% discount off all regular retail pricing

on photo processing/prints at Eckerd Express Photo Lab locations. 

Pick up your Eckerd's Key Chain at our monthly meeting and use it

to start saving money.


Nikon School Program:

On February 2 or 3, 2002, Nikon will hold an 8-hour seminar on

lenses, meters, flash, composition, lighting, close-ups, and more. 

Club members get a discount.  See the programs at our next monthly

meeting.  Sign up through our club for a special discount.



===== ABOUT OUR CLUB ===========================


The Woodlands Photography Club meets on the second Monday

of each month from 6:30 to 9 P.M. at the Montgomery County

South Branch Library (just west of The Woodlands Pavilion),

2101 Lake Robbins Dr.  We usually get together in the meeting room

immediately to the left as you enter the front doors.  Visitors and the

curious are always welcome, the odd and weird sometimes, depending

on the weather!  Anyone interested in photography of any type,

no matter what your level of experience (professional, amateur, or

wannabe), is welcome to join our club.  Membership is only $1.25/month

embarrassingly miniscule, we should really charge a whole lot more),

which is $15 paid annually.  That's the for-real bargain of the year, folks.




President - George Carlson   [email protected]

VP/Programs - Cathy Evans   grayb1rd @hotmail.com

Treasurer/Secretary - Janice Braud   [email protected]

Activity Chairman - We are looking for volunteers

Newsletter - Pam Stallones   [email protected]