April 2002 Update


Earthday is this weekend.Woodlands Photography Club has a both to help

promote our club and let people know we are around.You may also bring

some framed photos to hang on our booth.The event runs from 10:00AM

until 2:00PM.It is being held in the Grogan's Mill shopping center

parking lot in front of the Albertson's store. Sorry, for some reason this

did not make it to the Web Site.

Our next meeting is Monday, April 8th.Marty Phelix will be showing some

of her work.Marty has travel around the Southwest quite a bit and has

done some excellent photography.Also, in preparation for this monthís

wildflower season, we will be sharing memberís wildflower slides.Please

dig through your archives and bring five or six wildflower slides you

would like to show the group.We will be discussing the slides and

preparing ourselves for the wildflower outing on April 13th.Time

permitting; I will do a little 'Tech Talk' on "What is this film latitude

stuff?"The term Latitude is used quite a bit, but never explained very

well, Iíll see if I can clarify and give you some hints on how it

influences your photography.


On April 13th, at 7:30AM, we will gather in the library parking lot.We

will then break-up into small groups and visit some of the favorite

wildflower spots in the area.This should be a lot of fun, and you will

not have to go far to find some excellent photo opportunities in The

Woodlands and surrounding area.At 11:45, we will meet at Jasonís Deli on

Lake Woodlands Drive.At lunch we can all those stories about the photo

that got away.


Throughout the month, and into May, Texas comes alive with wildflowers.

People come from all over the country to see what we have in our own back

yard.So, donít miss out on this seasonís coming beauty.It should be

even better than last year.To keep up with wildflowers in Texas see the

web site:http://www.lnstar.com/wildflowers/sightings.htm


See you at Earthday and on Monday evening.


George Carlson