2018 Mini Contests

(Shown here for reference; see Gallery for all entries & winners) I smugmug 

January: Texture
February: Architecture
March: Marching
April: Smoke
May: Reflection
June: Biggest Smile
July: Red White or Blue
August: Passion
September: Labor
October: Fall Contest – No mini-contest
November: Curves
December: Eyes

January 2019:  Dessert

Up to two photographs per member may be entered into the mini-contest each month. 

Email your mini contest entries to Mac Rodgers ([email protected] ).  The deadline for entries is Midnight on the Friday prior to the monthly meeting.  No late entries will be accepted.

The file names should contain your name and “mini” plus a sequence number, such as MacRodgers-mini-01.jpg.

2018 Annual Fall Photo Contest 

Once a year, members are invited to participate in a professionally judged photo contest.  Each member may submit two photographs for each category.  The 2017 categories are:

  1. Black & White: Silhouette
  2. People:  Sports
  3. NatureWeather
  4. TechniqueLong exposure
  5. Wild Card: Fieldtrips and Workshops
  6. New Members (joined in 2017 or 2018): Bokeh
  7. Open: Open
  8. Other Digital manipulation

For more information on the rules please click here!!!

 For Entry Forms please click TWPC Fall Contest Entry Form.

Previous Mini Contests & Other Photo Contest please click here   ‎


2017 mini-contest

January: Cold
February: Red
March: Things that Fly (not necessarily birds)
April: Luck
May: Music 
June: Line (doesn’t have to be straight)
July: Stars
August: Water
September: Heros
October: Fall Contest – No mini-contest
November: Festivals
December: Things w/ holes (1 or more)