2017 Mini Contests

(Shown here for refrence; see Gallery for all entries & winners) I smugmug 

January: Cold
February: Red
March: Things that Fly (not necessarily birds)
April: Luck
May: Music 
June: Line (doesn’t have to be straight)
July: Stars
August: Water
September: Heros
October: Fall Contest – No mini-contest
November: Festivals
December: Things w/ holes (1 or more)

Up to two photographs per member may be entered into the mini-contest each month. 

Email your mini contest entries to Mac Rodgers ([email protected] )  The deadline for entries is Midnight on the Friday prior to the monthly meeting.  No late entries will be accepted.

The file names should contain your name and “mini” plus a sequence number, such as MacRodgers-mini-01.jpg.

 2017 Annual Fall Photo Contest 

Once a year, members are invited to participate in a professionally judged photo contest.  Each member may submit two photographs for each category.  The 2017 categories are:

  1. Black & White: Old (anything not new)
  2. People: Emotions
  3. NatureLandscape
  4. Technique: Light Painting
  5. Wild Card: photos from 2016-2017 Workshops and Field Trips
  6. New Members (joined in 2016 or 2017): Faces (not necessarily people)
  7. Open (Digital Alterations Permitted)

 For more information on the rules please click here!!!

Other Photo Contest 
This year 2017 we have information about another contest . It is not our contest, the contest is not sponsored by the Woodlands Photography Club but by the Jesse H. Jones Park

Get your cameras ready and join in the fun. It’s time to “click-click” for Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center’s annual photo contest. This contest is open to all amateur photographers with the exception of Harris County Precinct 4 employees..

For more information please click here & download contest rules

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